Both Trump and Rubio are predicting [a win in] Florida. Counties that swung from Democratic to Republican, Statewide opinion polling for the 2016 United States presidential election § Michigan, 2016 Democratic Party presidential debates and forums, 2016 Democratic Party presidential primaries, 2016 Republican Party presidential debates and forums, 2016 Republican Party presidential primaries, "SOS - General Election Voter Registration/Turnout Statistics", "Trump defeated Clinton by 10,704 votes in Michigan: unofficial tally", "Board of Canvassers certifies Trump victory in Michigan", "Everything you need to know about the election recount efforts", "The Latest: Federal judge agrees to end Michigan recount", "Michigan Secretary of State: March 2016 Primary Information", "Mitt Romney, Donald Trump Share Harsh Words In Competing Speeches", "On The Clock: Trump Still Gets The Most Talking Time", "RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 - 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination", "Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace return for March 3 debate", "2016 presidential debate schedule: Dates, times, moderators and topics", "Fox News Announces Criteria for Next Week's Big GOP Debate", "Transcript of the Republican Presidential Debate in Detroit", "Republican debate: candidates pledge to support Trump if needed – as it happened", How Clinton lost Michigan — and blew the election, ‘How the Red and Blue Map Evolved Over the Past Century’, "Free Press Embarrasses Itself with a Premature Call of Clinton Win in Michigan", "Donald J. Trump for President Campaign Organization 2016 General Election - Michigan", "Forest Hills grad lands big role in national presidential campaign", "Our final map has Clinton winning with 352 electoral votes. The 2016 United States presidential election in Florida was won by Donald Trump on November 8, 2016, with a plurality of 49.0% of the popular vote that included a 1.2% winning margin over Hillary Clinton, who had 47.8% of the vote. The third to last and fourth to last poll ended in a tie, but Trump won the last poll 50% to 46%. Early voting began on July 25.[14].

"[7] The debate was officially announced on November 2, 2015.[8].

This marked the first time that Maine has split its electoral vote since it moved away from the winner-take-all method in 1972. Except for losing one poll in August 2015, and tying with Trump in a poll in September 2015, Clinton won every pre-election poll with margins between 4 and 12 points until November 2016. The Michigan Board of Canvassers certified Trump's lead of 10,704 votes over Clinton, a 0.23% margin, on November 28.

Polls Closing: 11:00 PM ET. The United States presidential election of 2016 was the 58th quadrennial American presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. According to the National Election Pool, Trump got a majority of 54% from the Cuban-American voters in the state—in comparison to the 71% of Clinton support by Latino voters from other origins. [10] The debate was originally scheduled considering the likelihood that no candidate would clinch the Republican nomination before March 15, due to the overall size of the field. Full results by state for the 2016 presidential election and electoral vote count.

Three other Clinton electors attempted to defect but were replaced or forced to vote again due to their respective state laws. * : These candidates are constitutionally ineligible to serve as President or Vice President.

Hillary Clinton Clinton.

This map is shaded by how large the popular vote difference was between the two nominees. [25], Florida voted for Donald Trump by a margin of 1.2%. Fox announced that in order for candidates to qualify, they must have at least 3 percent support in the five most recent national polls by March 1 at 5 pm. From mid September to October 20, Clinton won every poll but one.

[10], The eleventh debate was held on March 3, 2016, at the Fox Theatre in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Leading up to the election, a Trump victory was projected unlikely by most media forecasts. [2], Trump won 9 of 14 congressional districts.[34]. Gained 6 seats +6. Twelve candidates appeared on the Republican presidential primary ballot: The Green Party held a primary in Florida on July 31, 2016.

Alaska. Trump became the fifth person in U.S. history to become president despite losing the nationwide popular vote.

[30] The average of the last three polls had Clinton leading Trump 47.6% to 45%. Most polling conducted throughout the summer was favorable to Clinton, but both candidates were neck and neck in late August and early September, with neither having a consistent lead. These maps are also available as a timeline for each election from 1972-2016. [5] The deadline to request a recount was then set for 2 p.m. Wednesday, November 30. [22][23]. [26] It was the fifth-closest state result, with only Wisconsin, Michigan, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania closer.

On Election Day, Detroit Free Press had prematurely called the state for Clinton at 9:15pm before retracting the call three hours later,[21] an error which had been common in many sources at the 2000 election, in the states of Florida and New Mexico.

Four candidates appeared on the Democratic presidential primary ballot:[9], Four candidates participated in the Republican primary.

In the last weeks, polling was extremely close, with neither candidate taking the lead.

It was broadcast through a partnership between Univision and The Washington Post. In late October 2016, Clinton's lead narrowed significantly towards the election. Aside from 1872 - death of Horace Greeley - it is the greatest number since electors began casting one vote each for president and vice president (12th Amendment, 1804).

All of Michigan's 16 Electoral College votes were thus assigned to Trump, significantly contributing to his national electoral victory. [14] Special Report anchor Bret Baier, The Kelly File anchor Megyn Kelly and Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace served as moderators.

Clinton won Maine but Trump earned an electoral vote by winning the popular vote in the 2nd Congressional District.


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