After his seventh target had fallen, the Assassin pondered on why these two men's lives needed to be taken. [9], Al Mualim, though known for being a wise and soft-spoken leader, at times showed himself to be mysterious and unpredictable.

Shortly after this event, Al Mualim relocated to Masyaf. Shihab came over to negotiate peace, claiming that they would leave once the killer of the nobleman had been executed. [7], When Altaïr reported his failure to Al Mualim, the Mentor was infuriated, though his anger was curbed somewhat when Malik returned, revealing that he had managed to bring back the artifact. [7], Altaïr hurried back to Masyaf, only to find that the people in the city had been put under a hypnotic trance by Al Mualim, with only him and a few of his fellow Assassins, including Malik, unaffected by the Piece of Eden. In 1162, Al Mualim was sent from Alamut to establish the fortress of Masyaf in Syria by Hassan the Younger,[4] the leader of the Levantine Brotherhood. [6], In 1191, Al Mualim sent Altaïr to retrieve a treasure from the Jerusalem Vault beneath the remains of Solomon's Temple and bring it back to Masyaf, and sent two fellow Assassins on his journey, the brothers Malik and Kadar Al-Sayf, to accompany him. In 2012 Altaïr's descendent Desmond Miles would relive Altaïr's life in 1191 and see Al Mualim's corruption of the Brotherhood. Von 1975 bis 1980 war al-Muallim syrischer Botschafter in Rumänien, von 1990 bis 1999 in den Vereinigten Staaten. [7], Altaïr told the Mentor of how his targets always seemed sure of their righteousness, and how he felt they were connected somehow.

Al Mualim explained that the artifact was behind all of the legends and religious mysteries in history: they were all merely illusions made real. [7], The Mentor finally conceded, and told Altaïr that the men he had been striking down were all Templars. He revealed that he was aware of Umar because of the imprisonment of the spy, Ahmad Sofian. It is unknown if he never truly held these views or he once did but subsequently renounced them for the Templar beliefs. AIC (Al Maalim Intl’ Co.) understands the concerns in co… Custom Software With over 17 years of software design and development experience, our team of experts delivers custom software solutions for a variety of vertical markets in both the private and public sectors. With the matter settled, Altaïr was promoted again and granted another piece of equipment, with Al Mualim asking him how he had known he would not kill him. With this, the Mentor told Altaïr that the final man was the last one standing between them and Robert de Sablé. But before sending him on his way, Al Mualim asked Altaïr what he understood the "truth" to be. Log In.

[7], Al Mualim then gave Altaïr a glimpse of the Piece of Eden, claiming that it was how Moses parted the Red Sea, what had started the Trojan War, and what had enabled Jesus Christ to turn water into wine.

Al Mualim, Lady Eve and the Egyptian Brotherhood in 1794 Back in 1794, after his adventures in Saint Denis, Arno sent the Apple off to Cairo, to Al Mualim. Walking with Altaïr, Al Mualim told him of the pride he felt for his actions and how much the Assassin resembled his father, before promoting Altaïr to become a Master Assassin. In 1190, Al Mualim ordered Altaïr to find a Piece of Eden known as the Chalice, shortly after he returned from an earlier assignment.

Al Mualim went on to say that Robert could not be allowed to get his hands on the treasure again, and he at last sent Altaïr to take Robert's life, giving the Assassin a Syrian Sabre to help him on his journey. Al Mualim (English: The Mentor) was a Mentor of the Egyptian Brotherhood of Assassins, based in Cairo, during the time of the French Revolution. Al Mualim Species And although he may not have believed everything he taught Altaïr, his teachings did have a profound impact on his apprentice and thus the future of the Assassins. al-Muallim besuchte von 1948 bis 1960 die Schule und schloss diese mit dem Abitur ab. Januar 1941 in Damaskus), ist Außenminister der Syrischen Arabischen Republik.. al-Muallim besuchte von 1948 bis 1960 die Schule und schloss diese mit dem Abitur ab. In Kairo studierte er Wirtschaftslehre und absolvierte das Studium 1963 mit dem Bakkalaureat. Following this, he mentored both Altaïr and Abbas in the ways of the Assassin Order.

[7], As a scholarly man, Al Mualim placed importance on education, spending much of his time in the Masyaf fortress, studying the books of the library. [7], Altaïr was then tasked with killing Jubair al Hakim in Damascus and Master Sibrand in Acre. While Altaïr offered to kill both Richard and Salāḥ ad-Dīn, Al Mualim told him that it would scatter the Crusader and Saracen forces, subjecting the region to the aimless warriors' bloodlust. Ah, good point. This article has been identified as being out of date.

In response, Al Mualim claimed that a leader could find ways to make others obey them and that Altaïr should trust his own senses, not the words of his targets. In 2013 Abstergo Entertainment used Altaïr's decision to burn Al Mualim's body after his death to fuel a biased campaign against promoting his story for their media, in their attempts to keep the true nature of the Assassin-Templar conflict from becoming public knowledge. [3], While there, Umar was to leave a warning to Salāḥ ad-Dīn, using the information that was gathered by a spy who had infiltrated the camp.

This eventually went sour, as Abbas made an attempt on Altaïr's life while they sparred with real swords, due to the lax monitoring of the Assassin instructor, Labib. After Altaïr had travelled to the city of Acre and slayed Garnier de Naplouse, the Assassin told Al Mualim about how some of Garnier's "patients" had treated Garnier as a friend. Er gehörte zum diplomatischen Korps in verschiedenen Ländern. He went on to say that Altaïr should concern himself on the more immediate threat: those who governed the cities in Richard and Salāḥ ad-Dīn's absence.

After the death of Umar, the Saracens left Masyaf.

Arab Open University.

Al Mualim also ordered Altaïr never to tell Abbas of his father's death, believing it to be best for Abbas. Al Mualim (English: The Mentor) was a Mentor of the Egyptian Brotherhood of Assassins, based in Cairo, during the time of the French Revolution. His decision to keep the circumstances of Ahmad's death secret from Abbas, and the grudge Abbas developed towards Altaïr once he learned the truth, eventually drove Abbas to usurp Altaïr from power and became the Mentor of the Brotherhood in 1228. Oktober 2019 um 03:04 Uhr bearbeitet.

[7], Binding Altaïr with the Piece of Eden's power once again, Al Mualim explained his motives: that he sought the same as Robert, but wanted the artifact for himself, hence using his apprentice to kill the Templars. This article is about a subject that lacks an official name and is known only by its nickname, title, or alias. Altaïr reasoned that at least they chose to believe that illusion, but Al Mualim countered that this was untrue apart from the occasional convert or heretic. Please update the article to reflect recent releases and then remove this template once done. However, Robert de Sablé and his Templars had followed the Assassin and, intent on recovering their treasure, moved for an attack on Masyaf. Sign Up. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 30. The mission, however, ended tragically, with Kadar losing his life, and Malik being brutally maimed due to Altaïr's disregard for the Creed.

When talking with Altaïr, he espouses views that he does not himself actually hold, such as that peace is to be understood and embraced rather than forced. [1], On 6 August 1794, the French Assassin Arno Dorian sent an Apple of Eden, previously contained within the Head of Saint Denis and sought by Napoleon Bonaparte, to Cairo for safekeeping by Al Mualim.


[7], However, Al Mualim is eventually revealed to be selfish, manipulative, deceptive and hypocritical. Now all of a sudden, at the end of Dead Kings, he's sending an apple to an Al Mualim in Cairo. He claimed them to be tyrants of their cities, and so Altaïr's job was to assassinate them. [4], In 1176, Saladin and his Saracen army laid siege to the fortress of Masyaf. In Kairo studierte er Wirtschaftslehre und absolvierte das Studium 1963 mit dem Bakkalaureat.

In 2003, he traveling to Cairo Egypt where he attended the University of Al-Azhar.

He claimed that the only difference between him and Al Mualim, however, was that the Assassin Order's Mentor refused to share the power that the Piece of Eden provided.

To connect with Al-Mualim, sign up for Facebook today. He then sent Altaïr to find the traitor who had opened the gates to let the Templars through. Despite being outnumbered, Altaïr defeated these copies, though he was soon bound by the artifact again. Could anyone tell me why at the end of assassins creed unity dead kings dlc arno says to get the artifact he finds to al mualim in cairo. He claimed that once Robert tasted the Piece of Eden's power, he saw not a weapon to be destroyed, but a tool to be used. Al Mualim repeated his trick, creating several replicas of himself this time around.


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