The rest of our friends we find very interesting. I felt like a small child, running from the monsters under her bed and into her mother’s embrace; but in my case, the monsters were real and not even the safety of my mother’s arm could fight them off. I didn’t need everyone thinking that I was freakier than they thought. There were no words that described how it felt. Type O was the universal donor, so they were the centre of everything. He joined Youth Are Awesome because of his passion for writing and love of sharing his ideas. I found the one I took of him the night of our first high school party. So being Lindyn Oh-so-brave, I volunteered to leave back down to Skyland where I currently live in an orphanage with 28 other people. For the first time in awhile, I felt like I was the first choice. Thank you for your donation, however small, and for expressing support for our work and its continued survival.

“The ice cream’s on me.” I would’ve taken that $5 any day, but you couldn’t have a girl pay for her own ice cream on the day that you were going to kiss her. This was his collection of my ugly pictures. All I have of her is memories.

The reflected light from her necklace kept blinding me, forcing me to st… Even though I couldn’t see her through the mess of people, I had an idea of exactly where she sat. I was dead wrong. I picked one out and held it in front of me. The feeling of knowing that you were going to die soon was unreal. It sank into the bottom my stomach and my breath was uneasy. I was scared for my life, but it didn’t matter, I was going to die either way. The following is a short story by Lydia Davis (this is the entire story) from her book Samuel Johnson Is Indignant: We know only four boring people. Electricity buzzed through me as our forefingers touched. 8:20.

As he neared the window, he slipped out a piece of paper from his hand and unfolded it in front of me. 9:45. When he's not playing sports like hockey or volleyball, Connor can be found reading a variety of nonfiction books, his favorite genre. I took a breath in and let it out slowly. I had remembered all those countless nights she spent washing our truckload of clothes. It didn’t rain much around here, but when it did, it was taken as a symbol.

It’s a surprise! He always went that extra mile. Some were still in good shape, but most of them had dusty shoe prints on the back; luckily none were ripped or folded. 2 minutes past 3:00 and still nothing. He was Type O, he lived in the middle. I ran between trees, catching my breath behind each of them; I could hear the troop cars driving up and down my street.

I win. Tears welled up in my eyes but I didn’t dare let them fall.

I sprinted across the fields. I tried to hold back the tears. I swirled around and faced Teagan Triste, the leader of the clique I was in. Our parents were close, so it was a huge advantage that we could hang out more than regular friends.

I couldn’t die at 17, it wasn’t long enough. Aspen would never do this to me. “Oh, yeah,” I said, “I’m sorry, I left my house late. They were Stacy and Quincy, my “friends.” They stared at me through the mirror. It was like a realistic nightmare.

Grayson stood amongst the crowd in front of a building. At Youth Central, Donel is a part of the Youth of Distinction Awards committee, as well as the Youth Are Awesome blog! He looked around him before stepping closer, I looked around too. I looked at my mom. This is very boring so please stop what you are doing and don’t read it. “What? Yes, I plan to make it the most boring thing ever written. Something you haven’t told me yet.” I rubbed my face as if the word Grayson had been written all over it. 11:15. “Hey, Stace, hey, Quinn,” I said. As I neared Grayson, something squeezed my left wrist; one of the troops got ahold of me. If I cried, they’d win. The first number is the hour, last two, the minutes. She became addicted to alcohol shortly after my dad died. My hands weren’t cuffed, so I could move around freely, but I didn’t dare try anything. It was the colour green. Now he's a potato trying to write and volunteer. (Including the teachers. “What in the world, Jarli? What did I do to deserve a friend like Aspen? Start reading as a short story here, and continue by following the link to the novella below. The sky mesmerised me. “Oh, no,” I replied, pushing her hand away. She likes drawing, and plays badminton, and enjoys running. But I guess it just doesn’t work like that.

It was my aunt and uncle who wanted to bring me up there and try to reduce the fact that I was an orphan, probably wanting me to think that it wasn’t my fault that my parents caught time-bomb. Perhaps they feared of falling in love, so they stayed away. Grayson stood amongst the crowd in front of a building. Back when my parents were alive, back when there wasn’t a monstrous disease terrifying everybody, back when life took place on the ground. As his dying wish, he wanted me to come here, to stand here, in Times Square, in New York on April 27 and wait until 3:00. The reflected light from her necklace kept blinding me, forcing me to stare out the window at the cliff. The force sent both of us stumbling back and falling. She is a member of the Mayor’s Youth Council committee for Youth Central and always is searching for different ways to contribute to her community. 2:59– “Lyria!” my mother called, “it’s almost time! She looked hurt. It was like losing the last piece in a jigsaw puzzle and trying to fit pieces from another set in the missing place.

“That’s fine.” She lied and began to walk away. Now, they were spilt across the dirty pavement with hundreds of shoes stepping on them. …

“Cassy?” My mom looked at me. It wasn’t fair; how could the world steal him away from me? There was a new girl at school. It wasn’t every day you saw a seventeen-year-old girl bawl her eyes out like a child.

In the ninth grade we received our first phone, so we decided to start a “photo war.” The goal was to have, by senior year, the ugliest pictures of the other person. The girls giggled. My house was easy to spot. “I cannot believe you’re late.” The sound of a hundred schoolgirls almost drowned out the voice. The pain stung my hand and travelled up my forearm; but if I had the chance to punch her again, I would do it. I miss you, I love you. My throat tightened. In quick strides, I hopped up the stairs to my back door and turned the knob. 9:50. 10:45. I also wish that she had left more of Aspen’s things with me. If I told her, my life would end.

10:55. I passed the porthole on my way to school every morning, and he was there every time. I’ve waited over a year for this moment. There were no words that described how it felt. She loves history and enjoys writing her opinions. “Lindyn,” Jarli said, snapping me out of my little flashback.

“This is going to be fun!” said Lucy. All of a sudden, something clicked inside my mind, like turning gears.

Stay informed about the latest competitions, competition winners and latest news! Alex is a National AP Scholar and has been in French Immersion since kindergarten. “I’m fine, mom,” I reassured her as I gathered the fallen items. Realisation hit me like a wave. They sat her on the couch and dragged me out of the house. It’s like he’s here with me. I thought maybe if I told her my secret, she would be less fake to me.

My mind became dizzy and I bumped into a table corner, grabbing her attention. If Teagan had told everyone, she obviously would have told the government. I can’t I’m losing yet another person to time-bomb.

Hilary Guo is a grade 11 student at Dr. EP Scarlett high school.

It was the government building. People kept elbowing me in my sides, but I didn’t care. She loved hand washing my clothes just so she could add her own customised scents to it. A Boring Story is also known under the title A Dreary Story. “I cannot believe you’re late.” The sound of a hundred schoolgirls almost drowned out the voice. No one could know that I was actually sad on the inside. It’s brutal knowing that time-bomb is still possible to catch in Skyland, after all, we are only in the sky, not free from the air. I reached into my burgundy backpack and tried to fish out the envelope, which was a bright, pastel purple colour.

I started sobbing then, like full on sobbing with a runny nose and everything. Stacy shook Quincy’s shoulders. I wished I was some normal girl with two real friends instead of twenty fake friends.

I ran between trees, catching my breath behind each of them; I could hear the troop cars driving up and down my street. Her face was pale and she did not move a limb. I would give anything just to stand beside him one more time.

“Please.” We were less than a meter from the edge.

11:17. She has recently joined Youth Are Awesome because of her passion for writing, expressing her thoughts and opinions, as well as photography. Kassidy Thompson is a grade 7 student at Mount Royal Junior High.

He pressed it against the soundproof glass. I would’ve gone in Aspen’s spot if I had the chance. It was going well until she wrapped her arms around me.


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