Meteorologists say the tornado was an EF Zero, with winds between 90 and 130 kilometres per hour. With 30 twisters confirmed in Ontario so far, with more events under investigation, the province has had the most tornadoes in the country to date, far ahead of Alberta's 12, the second-highest total in Canada. Social media was abuzz Monday with pictures and videos showing waterspouts off Sauble Beach, Ont., around Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, but Environment Canada’s Gerald Cheng says it’s not surprising to see at this time of year. That one damaged a farm and some trees. If you think there have been more tornadoes in Southwestern Ontario than normal this year, it might be that twister hunters are getting better at finding them. The NTP survey team also found EF0 downburst damage south of Stratford with a path length of 18 kilometres and max winds of 115km/h. The path of the tornado was 6.7 kilometres long and 50 metres wide. Western University storm researchers have determined that a total of six tornadoes touched down in the London, Ont., region during Sunday’s severe thunderstorms. The start of the school year is often looked at as an unofficial sign that summer is coming to a close, but there’s another unexpected signal seen this week on Lake Huron: waterspouts. When they arrived, they found extensive damage at a farm and a vehicle that had been thrown near the highway. The Northern Tornadoes Project confirmed this weekend that an EF1 tornado, no larger than 90 metres wide, touched down near the Severn Township village at the top of Lake Couchiching on Thursday. An EF0 tornado is capable of causing light damage. However, they have since upgraded the rating to an EF-3 after teams from the Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) and the University of Manitoba collected data from the tornado site, and determined that the winds were approximately 260 km/h and caused a lot more damage than initially assessed. “So we know we can have an EF5 up to 300-and-so kilometres an hour. A pandemic, heat warnings before summer and now twisters. David Sills, executive director of the Northern Tornadoes Project at Western University in London, says aerial images have allowed his team to confirm the damage to the forest in that area was caused by an EF 2 tornado. As well, there are now 10 tornadoes that have been confirmed to have occurred during the tornado outbreak on June 10th. A storm that knocked out power to thousands of Ontarians on June 10, including many customers in Muskoka, may have produced three tornadoes in the Muskoka area. A deadly tornado that tore a path through southwest Manitoba Friday is the second severe twister to hit the region this summer, and weather scientists are analyzing a trove of evidence to learn more about it. It packed winds of 135 kilometres an hour and left a trail of debris 6.7 km long. “We have a close collaboration with Western University, a specific group called the Northern Tornadoes Project, they actually do research on tornadoes across the country,” he told the Times on Aug.4. They also confirmed a tornado at Gadshill had maximum winds of 150 km/h and left a trail measuring 4.2 km long. Environment Canada said the storms produced the possible tornado in the Belmont area, based on damage to trees and buildings investigated by the Northern Tornadoes Project. The twisters made their way toward the region Sunday morning during severe weather that prompted Environment Canada to issue tornado warnings in several parts of southern Ontario. Canada is een land in het noorden van Noord-Amerika.In het zuiden wordt het door de Verenigde Staten begrensd en in het oosten door de Atlantische Oceaan.De westelijke grens wordt gevormd door de Amerikaanse staat Alaska en de Grote Oceaan en in het noorden ligt de Noordelijke IJszee.De hoofdstad van Canada is Ottawa en de grootste steden zijn Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver en Calgary. MONTREAL -- Quebec has officially had its first tornado of 2020, Environment Canada says. Tornadoes occur rarely after dark, said Dave Sills, executive director of the Northern Tornadoes Project, which aims to document every tornado which occurs in Canada. Significant damage was reported on a dairy farm in the area between Arkona and Thedford. “There might have been swirling and a funnel cloud, but not enough intensity to call it a tornado,” lead researcher Greg Kopp said. A vortex/funnel cloud was observed in St. Thomas at 3:05 p.m. but it didn't touch down. The University of Saskatchewan (U of S) Men's Huskie Hockey program has lost its standout goaltender. The storm rolled through late afternoon spawning tornado warnings for Wellington County and a watch for southern areas of Grey County. Virden RCMP responded to a report at about 8:10 p.m., local time, that a tornado touched down near Highway 83 and Road 50N in the rural municipality of Pipestone, just south of Virden, the release said. The tornadoes knocked out power and damaged trees and buildings in the Belmont area, outside London, and in Glencoe southwest of the city. No one was injured after a tornado packing a maximum wind speed of 130 kilometres per hour blew in off Lake Huron in Point Clark Friday night and forced three families out of their homes. After confirmation from Environment Canda, the sites of the damage caused by two twisters were then investigated by researchers from the Western University-based Northern Tornadoes Project. Buildings were damaged, but residents of the farm and its livestock weren’t injured. This brings the total for 2020 up to 39 as of October 19th and breaks the record of 37 set in 2009. That downburst had a path length of 53 kilometres and max wind of 120 km/h. Belmont also saw a tornado on June 10, when a barn was severely damaged in a series of storms. “The EF0 goes from 90 to 130 km/hour, the EF1 goes from 130 to 175 km/hour and then it goes up from there,” said Kimbell.


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