That means no permission is needed as long as you credit this in the final work. That’s why we never charge for our curriculum or even ask for donations. Member's .

You see there is a man of God named Elisha who lives in Israel. Meanwhile, back in Israel there is a man of God. Elisha calms his servant’s fears by praying that God would allow him to see the heavenly armies protecting them. God loves you and me very much so Satan wants to destroy us and keep us from knowing God and the love He has for us.

They were very saddened by his death. Jan 2, 2019 - Explore Linda Kotara's board "Church Elijah & Elisha" on Pinterest.

(Feed someone, put the chairs away at church, clean the church car park, buy new pencils for Sunday School).

Free children's sermons and Bible lessons on Elijah and Elisha. Priests, “Please, sir,” the woman said, “I am a widow. They were always trying to attack them and destroy them. In our studies on Elisha we have learned that he has had a servant or helper. We will pick up on the rest of his ministry in the following weeks.

This would have been devastating to her in that time period to be completely on her own. She went to God’s servant and cried out for help. Teach kids that God wants us to follow his direction. Instant Digital Download - $2.95 .

Feel free to include any or all of these stories as you teach the children - based on their age and developmental level. Color each jar with a different marker color. Last week the servant’s name was Gehazi. (by laying on him twice). Don’t you see the armies surrounding us?”

Share how God did a miracle by not allowing the widow’s oil to run out.

Students will learn that they can ask God for help in times of need because He is able to abundantly provide for our needs. The story can be simplified on site for a preschool class. Did you know that everyone in this room should have raised our hands when I asked who has an enemy?

The Prophet Elisha Kids Bible Lesson - Preparation for Teachers and ParentsUse this simple method to teach this The Prophet Elisha kids Bible Lessons. Scripture: 2 Kings 4:1-7

Elisha. Pose the question to the whole class and see what discussion ensues. Activity to teach the verse: Play musical chairs. Updated Mission Arlington link: When you want to do what pleases God this week and you fail, your enemy the devil will tell you it’s too hard to live a Christian life you should just give up. We believe that children and parents benefit from a  strong Christian education program in the church. This allowed her to go sell the oil and make enough money to repay the debt. A hymn that could be used along with this lesson is Little Is Much when God is in it. Elisha was bald and the children taunted him and said, "Go up, you bald head! (Note for teacher about the value of oil in Biblical times. Elisha prayed to the Lord for his servant. For this lesson I have flannel graphs from the Child Evangelism Fellowship Lesson series on Elisha. So there you have it. I give them this illustration when they say they forget. If you are not a Christian and you want to become one, please speak to me or (co-teacher). Elisha had a deeper understanding of God and the unseen spiritual world. We'd love to send you a free lesson each Friday to help your children explore the Bible. (with a family in Shunem), What happened to the family's son? Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Download lesson in Spanish / Descargar en Español, Download in Portuguese / Download em Português, Download lesson in French / Télécharger en Français, Elisha and the widow’s oil – (2 Kings 4:1-7), Print the template onto white card and collect supplies. Children's ministry resources that provide everything you need for a great Sunday school experience in the classroom or at home.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Prophet Elisha Kids Bible Lesson - Read a story and then conduct Kids Bible Lessons This The Prophet Elisha Kids Bible lesson should be approached by reading the relevant Bible story, or stories, and then conducting the The Prophet Elisha kids Bible lesson which is designed to stimulate their interest whilst emphasising the most important aspects of the story. (Note for teacher: In researching for this lesson I came across sources that indicate that Obadiah may have been the prophet who died. (she owed money to someone, and they were going to take her sons as slaves because she couldn't pay it), What did Elisha ask of the widow? He can use you as He used Elisha to help someone who is in need. Elisha Multiplies the Widow's Oil (2 Kings 4:1-7). When Elisha and Elijah ministered together before Elijah went to heaven, they trained a group of men in different places how to teach God’s Word to the people. 6. Kingdom Ministry Music Audio Dramas ... Elisha told him: ‘There are more with us than with them.’ At that moment, Jehovah made Elisha’s servant see that the mountains all around the city were full of horses and fiery war chariots. Always striving to teach them God’s Word in a simple and forthright manner, may our children remember these lessons for a lifetime! Explain how they saw a need and went out of their way to meet it. purposes, cooking, and even for cosmetics and soaps. He protected 100 of God’s prophets by hiding them in 2 caves and feeding them food and water. But seriously, this teaches us that God cares about how we treat his prophets and leaders. And sometimes, we don't know the answer! His mother immediately got her servants to prepare a donkey for her and she went looking for Elisha. Take the jar of oil that you have and begin to pour that oil into the empty jars that you have collected.” If you want to use Obadiah in the story you could start your lesson by saying, “If you have been studying the life of Elijah with us you may remember Obadiah. “ You are to set food and water before them so they may eat and drink and return to their own land.” The Prophet Elisha Kids Bible Lesson - PreparationThis The Prophet Elisha kids Bible lesson relates to the following Bible Story / stories. He was a leper.9. The Jordan River - Joshua and Children of Israel carry the ark across the Jordan river and enter the promised land, Elisha asks Elijah for a double portion of Elijah's spirit, Elijah is snatched up to heaven in a whirlwind, Elisha heals Naaman of leprosy, Elisha prays and a … Help build a room for Elisha with this free printable Bible Craft. The The Prophet Elisha Free Kids Bible Lesson for is an ideal resource for Protestant, Baptist or Catholic Christian parents and Christian Sunday School teachers to teach the famous and great stories of the Bible inspired from the scriptures of the Bible. Elisha traveled a lot and passed by a town called Shunem frequently. There were other miracles Elisha performed as well: The next lesson Naaman is Healed will go into further detail on that miracle. As the widow and her sons returned the jars to their neighbors did they share God’s miraculous provision? The Syrian king called his army commanders together. It was expensive because it was time-consuming to make.

Will you listen carefully to God’s voice so you can know how He wants to protect you? It was used for lighting, medicinal (Hebrews 1:14) When a boy or girl understands that they are a sinner, someone who has broken God’s rules and realizes there is nothing they can do to be close to God until they have those sins removed. What did Elisha tell him to do? Take goes to see who can make the furthest without coming off the line or who can complete the whole line the quickest.

Ask the students, “How was he able to find her so quickly?” Would this game be very fun if someone always told the person seeking where others were hiding? Children’s Sermon: The Bible is Like a Letter, Children's Sermon on Psalm 8: How Majestic, Jesus’ Parable of the Sower (Sunday School Lesson), Back to School (Sunday School Lesson) Armor of God, “Back to School ” Children’s Sermon (Jesus, the Sin Eraser), “Back to School” Object Lessons (School Supplies Backpack). This Bible Story will also prove useful as the basis for fun Sunday School lessons for Christian children and small kids. Again she was able to fill that jar with oil and still have oil in her original jar. God went above and beyond what she or her sons could ever imagine!

Did you thank Him? This lesson follows in the series about the prophet Elijah. Activity: Hide and Seek. Thank your child for the ways they help you practically and help you learn new things.

Background notes for the lesson: Tell the above stories. Then Elisha arrived and went up to the boy. by truewaykids | Sep 26, 2019 | 1 Kings, 2 Kings, Bible Lesson, Old Testament. People are God’s most special creation. Learning Objective(s): This week we are looking at the first part of the prophet Elisha ministry focusing on 1 Kings 19:19-21 and 2 Kings 4. There many fun activities that can practice pouring and you don’t have to use water (think sand). Next week, we will continue with Elisha and think about Naaman’s leprosy (2 Kings 5:1-14), Free printable Bible story covering some of the highlights of Elisha Ministry from 1 Kings 19 and 2 Kings 4. How did God provide above and beyond for this widow’s needs? After praying and preparing for your class trust the Holy Spirit to give you the words to speak as you teach your students. Some people wait until they need something to approach God, or the church. Have HELP acrostic on the board and fill in as you discuss each letter. Explain how Elijah helped Elisha, and Elisha helped Elijah. Why did a man come to the widow’s house after her husband died? The student comes in and immediately finds the hiding student. Sharing the Lesson on Elijah and Elisha When I teach Bible lessons for kids, I try to use simple props and learn the story well enough that I can retell it easily. P-Pray for people in need. How did Elisha help a poor woman to pay a debt? On the inside of the folder divide into 6 equal parts. When we face difficulties in our lives we must cry out to God and ask Him for help. God’s love enables us to bless our enemies. God opened their eyes and they saw that they were in the middle of their enemies’ territory surrounded by Israelites. What took place when he had washed? Will you choose to do things God’s way?

Elisha was reminding the king that he hadn’t captured this army-God had done it.

(they were attacked by she-bears), Why was the prophet's widow upset and afraid?

Have volunteer read the second half of verse 22 for Elisha’s instructions to the king. (Examples: I can’t sing but I enjoy sharing with others what God is teaching me from His Word. All the widow owned was one jar of oil and God was able to use that oil and multiply it to meet the widow and her 2 sons’ needs. We will focus on 3 events in his ministry, but will list several more. Romans 8:31 (NIV) “What, then, shall we say in response to this? ADDRESS: Ministry-To-Children He didn’t fall into the enemies’ plans to be destroyed. Let’s turn in our Bibles to 2 Kings 6:8-23. helps you tell kids about Jesus by providing age-appropriate Bible study material and Sunday School curriculum – all 100% free online.. We believe that God is the loving Father of all kids. What do you think your pastor does during the week? Salvation message: At the end of the lesson are additional resources to help you plan for the individual needs of your classroom. This approach for teaching kids Bible lessons is suitable for lessons the Home, at Sunday school and in Church for small children and kids of all ages, from six to sixteen. Whenever we face a person that is our enemy we need to remember that Satan is our real enemy, not that person. Tell them that you have hidden pictures of oil jars in the classroom and to bring as many to you as possible. How do you think this widow felt at this news? Once a person becomes a Christian, God comes to live in his/her heart in the Person of the Holy Spirit.


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