See 5 CFR 550.121 and 122 for General Schedule employees and 5 CFR 532.505 for prevailing rate employees. Looking for more? OPM implementing regulations provide that employees on a compressed work schedule receive pay for a holiday equal to pay for the number of hours they would ordinarily be required to work on that day. 6127 - 6133. Privacy policy You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Intermittent work schedule - If you work an intermittent schedule, you are generally not eligible for FEHB and FEGLI. The purpose of alternative work schedules is​ to help employees balance the demands of work with family or other personal responsibilities.​. A compresssed work schedule is one in which the basic 80-hour biweekly work requirement is completed in less than 10 workdays. In fact, the regulations dealing with establishing employee work schedules reminds supervisors that they will not use the occurrence of a holiday to “…affect the designation of the basic workweek;….” (5 CFR 610.121(a)(1)) In short, the occurrence of a holiday by itself cannot be used as a reason to make changes to the employee’s basic workweek. Published: May 23, 2019. }�~�����$�;�$;��8 1�Fo��-L!C�?��s_�Y3?�P However, alternative work schedules may be offered, at your manager's discretion.

Compressed work schedules are fixed schedules that allow you to complete the basic 80-hour biweekly work requirement in less than 10 workdays. Published: Dec 30, 2019. If you are using assistive technology to view web content, please ensure your settings allow for the page content to update after initial load (this is sometimes called "forms mode"). There are two categories of AWS: flexible work schedules (FWS) and compressed work schedules (CWS). Opportunities for Selected Agencies to Improve Their Career Reassignment Processes, Additional Steps Are Needed to Identify Potential Barriers to Diversity, Using Key Management Practices Would Help to Fully Implement Statutory Requirements, Improved Succession Planning Would Help Address Long-Standing Workforce Problems, Steps Needed to Identify Acquisition Training Needs for Non-Acquisition Personnel [Reissued with revisions on Oct. 2, 2019. WebTA enables timekeepers and employees to electronically enter and validate their own time, and submit it to their own supervisors for approval. Searching for Compressed Work Schedule And Holidays information? An employee may request to be excluded for a personal hardship. All full-time employees, including those on flexible or compressed work schedules, are entitled to an "in lieu of" holiday when a holiday falls on a nonworkday. 6120 - 6121; and 5 U.S.C. For example, if a holiday falls on a 9- or 10-hour basic workday, the employee's holiday is 9 or 10 hours, respectively.

6127(b)(1)). A basic workday for this purpose includes a day when … It may not be paid for periods of nonwork, including leave, holidays, and excused absence. Telework, or telecommuting, can give you more flexibility in meeting your personal and professional responsibilities.​. j����%>O�ޱ7W�|r���bryХ�í���ā|��6��Z3��^d�����C1�zu Browse all our products here. For employees not in a bargaining unit: The agency must secure a favorable vote from the majority of employees in the affected group before implementing a CWS program (5 U.S.C.

Your work schedule may impact your benefits eligibility, as well as the premiums you pay. 27 days x 7.3 hours = 197.10 hours CHW and Non-CHW staff work exactly the same number of hours in a fortnight and in a year and are In such cases, the employee's holiday is the basic workday immediately preceding the nonworkday. An agency may implement for its employees an alternative work schedule (AWS) instead of traditional fixed work schedules (e.g., 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week). Flexible hours are the part of the day when you may choose your time of arrival and departure, within established limits. \�~�G� /rt�ԖL�x!���-���(cP /�k�w��'��Xʫ|9���mqpMf(М}�u�)/�V�<9t��@7;c��ȋ͡�>��n��'�xFj�4�f8�GO�)Ӯ����l�G��\��c0�>��yf1g!�Z}\�H�}����n�~�E�1��$pM�K"k(�A-�I��#'���_��Px���&�8� �ᴪ|o������?�qɾ��$�1 G�H€t��7�#��R���d���}z�@̠�^a�08O�Q�h��.�7�A#�zsu�>�B��ЗhU&)'��Nβ�p�[ Jd%, �����Nz`�����A5D`����>4�!� C��U���!�B��n�߿�x����z���9�Ġ�6�A���� ]>�Œۇy[�Y9ݢ�yD���,���|��7���������0���~[�๜�@P.��!w�O8�L����c�$ An employee on a Compressed Work Schedule (CWS) may request compensatory time off only for the performance of irregular or occasional overtime work. <>>> Those Federal employees participating in the compressed work schedule experiments would receive extra time off from work for each of the legal public holidays and their workweek would be reduced in the biweekly periods in which holidays occur. For an employee on a CWS, Sunday premium pay is paid for the entire nonovertime regularly scheduled tour of duty that begins or ends on Sunday. To learn more, see Flexible Work Schedules (FWS) on Compressed workweek during the probationary period is not appropriate. e���X�5��t��z�S��4�S*ئ!��9�ҥH�e�y�X[�����{ (For example, you may work eight 10-hour days during the biweekly period.) To handle holidays, one modification is to revert back to the standard 5/40 schedule during any week in which there is a holiday. When one of the usual working days of an employee working compressed hours falls on a bank holiday or closure day, their usual number of hours for that day will be deducted from their leave entitlement. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Teaching English Japan Working Holiday Visa, How Much Do You Get For Working On A Holiday, Terms and conditions To learn more, see Compressed Work Schedules (CWS) on ��|�5���$�~ל�|�# B�A�6ص��DY�2����^K�w�bb�Ե�4 �:ɴU�&1����p \ʰ ���kl��ڍd����c��x�����u�" ���I���p�x����r��,�a��j" For any questions or concerns regarding WebTA, please contact the WebTA coordinator, April Cole at. �1Q�:_��愖�_�k T��X���*�k]�~v�6c*���ݭ$��쒾�@��;GYG���d�܋�##��U�/��J�d��ȴw�4=l� �����T��$��eO�r��/��*�G��X��-9u�RԈq�)fP��B�0����k�R �jĦ

<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Privacy policy When someone works compressed hours (although still the same amount of hours just fewer days or full days) then annual leave will be calculated in hours rather than days. For employees in a bargaining unit: The agency must successfully negotiate a CWS program with the union for a represented group of employees prior to implementation (5 U.S.C. When an employee works compressed hours, then their annual leave is calculated in hours rather than days. Publicly Released: Jul 30, 2019. Core hours are a designated period when you must be at work.


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