I was wondering if you can add a little extra mint into it. on September 26, 2012: Awesome, K9! I use peppermint extract in cookies, frosting, candy making, and even swirled into vanilla ice cream.

. Making A Glycerate: (NON-Alcoholic Extract).

Using these harsh elements can leave some of the chemicals behind in the end product. You'll get the same great taste you're used to, without any of the alcohol. You can’t get rid of the vinegar odor, it is vinegar, but when you use a small amount as extract it’s not overpowering. Pour enough to cover the leaves, about 1.5 cups.

Amber Boston Round with Black Poly Cone Cap. Glad you find the hub worthy of commenting! Stir, top off, and seal. Place it over a clean Mason jar and pour mint leaves … Let me know how thing go if you decide to make your own extract! Cynthia Calhoun from Western NC on September 28, 2012: SSSSAAAAWWWWEEEEETTTT! As in the traditional recipe, wash and dry your mint leaves. 1 cup vodka ▢ You can leave them to dry on paper towels or just use a small salad spinner. Do you make homemade gifts for Christmas?

Do you have any insight into this. Has this happened to you using your homemade hot cocoa mix? I have lots and lots of raspberries and am always looking for new ideas. Just follow this simple recipe to create your own non-alcoholic vanilla extract. My kitchen smelled great, but I was disappointed.

(Shake the jars periodically and make sure the plant material is still completely covered by alcohol. Further curing or production methods may be applied in the commercial scenario, thus reducing the quality and worthiness of the extract. Avoid using any of the yellowed, moldy, damaged, or rotten parts. How To Make A NON-Alcohol Peppermint Extract. ), 1 cup fresh mint leaves (glycerine does not work as well with dry mint), Wash and dry your mint leaves, either on paper towels or in a salad spinner. Want to make peppermint extract without the alcohol?

The vinegar taste was so dominant that I don’t know how adding it to chocolate could possibly be tasty! What is the difference between spearmint and peppermint? Pour alcohol over the mint leaves, leaving 1/2 an inch of headspace in the jar.

I used in coffee, with just a dash of cream and milk, so it didn’t curdle. When you're ready, take a canning funnel and a coffee filter. @Kris Heeter~ Thanks for sharing!

I HAVE TWO JARS ONE WITH AND OTHER WITHOUT HONEY , AND ARE 7 TO 8 DAYS OLD . Place your crushed mint leaves in a clean glass jar (if they’re not already in the jar!) Glycerin is a sweet, thick, syrupy, and slippery-feeling fluid. I am going to try a basil extract this week, it could have a very special and amazing outcome; or a total herbsaster!

At the end, after steeping for 2-6 weeks and straining the leaves? or I can use the grape vinegar as well ( I also make the grape vinegar at home so it would be all natural and easy ). (Hold filter in place or tape it before hand) Squeeze leaves to get the last of the extract from them. When creating your own peppermint extracts—or any kind of extract—there are just a few really important things to remember for the best product and shelf life. I’m not sure if sugar actually reduces acid or simply counters the taste so I thought I’d test it out by adding some agave to the extract. Close the jar lid and shake. Place your mint leaves in a clean mason jar and muddle to crush (or cut with herb scissors). I don't necessarily strain out my extracts right as they come due.

This reduces the risk of spoilage while it also makes for safe consumption.**. thanks. When you're ready, take a canning funnel and a coffee filter.

It is pretty to look at, but so much better to eat! Which is fine for baking because the alcohol content bakes out, but I wanted to be able to serve my kids homemade mint hot chocolate. A tincture is a combination of herbs (or plants) and alcohol, and is much less concentrated than an extract. Make sure you’ve crushed them some, too. Amber Boston Round with Black Poly Cap (12 Pack (V7V3)). Put on lid and band and then shake vigorously. We’ll see how it turns out I guess. I thought it was terrible. I voted up and shared all over.

1 cup of fresh mint leaves or 1/2 cup dry mint leaves. If a peppermint plant is not available, you can simply dilute peppermint oil in alcohol to make peppermint extract. As per my own online shopping research from original Adam's and Spice Barn sites, and Amazon site, and Lucky's site. All it takes is mint leaves, lime wedges, cane sugar (or homemade simple syrup) and soda water. Thanks for sharing! Leave 1-inch of headroom. AWESOMESAUCE!

Stir one to three drops into hot chocolate, hot water, or herbal tea. Strain and press the liquid through a cheesecloth into a glass or stainless container. Your recipe calls for apple cider vinegar. Rich from Kentucky on September 26, 2012: Had no idea that these could ever be made without an extensive chemical process.

There simply had to be something productive to do with it; and so, the extraction process began. Add a Couple Drops to Hot Drinks. I don’t know if I would dilute it with water beings it’s fruit. Instructions Put in a dark cool place. It is easy to make, with the most difficult part of the recipe being waiting for it to extract for 3 to 6 weeks! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s very easy to, Wash your mint leaves and pat them dry with a towel or toss them in your salad spinner. I hope you find as much joy in growing herbs as I do! Its stimulating taste invigorates while offering a cool minty rush and aroma. It looks like I'm going to start planning and planting a new herb garden. I have made three different mint extracts using the vodka method, but would like to make more extracts that are non-alcoholic and this method sounds like something I would like to try. :).

Shake it whenever you remember. I just added it to some milk and didn’t see the curdling reaction. Thanks! Place in a cool, dark location for 4-6. Chop or severely bruise the plant material.

Homemade extracts are a simple to manage and worthwhile project. The vinegar is the preservative in place of alcohol, so it should work fine. If you are sensitive to glycerin, revising the blend ratio may be appropriate to reduce the chance of discomfort when using the extract. AFTER 3 TO 6 WEEKS; the plant material should look pale, limp, and spent. If using dried leaves, just a 1/4 cup. A tincture is a 1:3 (or more) ratio of plant matter to alcohol. You've made it sound so easy. Mint kind of takes over my garden and I have several kinds~ Great idea!

Now I feel really good that in just minutes I can preserve and store them for the year to come.

If you don't like the microwave, the stove top and a pot work fine, too. To make a non-alcohol version of peppermint extract, use the same process as shown above, but replace the 80-proof alcohol with glycerin and distilled water.

Some of the alcohol will evaporate.

Thanks! Consider how much those bottles cost; each of those tiny little 1 to 4-ounce liquid extracts range anywhere from $4.00 to $8.00 each! However, since it also contains alcohol, it quickly evaporates when exposed to high temperature. Did you add honey? Thank for all of the hublove, my friend! Clean and sort all of the plant material.

I would like to know if all the other women that had it steeping for three weeks found it successful? Tomorrow I am going to try the extract recipe.

I haven’t made extracts because I don’t have vodka and have never been to a liquor store and kind of embarrassed to go. I had rosemary lemon fish for dinner and am on a roll. Thank you for commenting. Place it over a clean Mason jar and pour mint leaves and extract through the filter. Melissa K. Norris and Pioneering Today LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Mary Hyatt from Florida on September 26, 2012: I have grown mint, but the most creative thing I've ever done is put it in my iced tea. I plan on having a hot chocolate bar on Christmas morning. Sorry you didn’t like it. Minty holiday recipes are already swirling about in my head!

Thx for sharing on Homesteaders Hop! Combine equal parts pure 100% vegetable glycerin and distilled water to replace the alcohol used in the recipe above.

I recommend sanitizing your jar and lid before using them.

Thank you for sharing you remarks here. Interesting...how it is done. Vanilla extract doesn't have to be made with alcohol, but finding a non-alcoholic version at the store can be difficult and costly. Optional- top with whipped cream and/or marshmallows. It is so easy to grow, I am so looking forward to growing more herbs in order to try all the cool things to do with them. moonlake from America on September 27, 2012: This sounds good, I grow peppermint in my garden. I couldn't think of one either!

What's your favorite holiday beverage? The imparted flavor is very fresh and strong, particularly with a small amount of vanilla and a pinch of sea salt. You’ll have to see how strong the mint flavor is by six weeks, but it should be pretty good by then. I have never done bananas. Shucks on that part, but it should work great in the other options.

Some commercial extractions are done using acetone or other harsh chemicals. @carol7777~ You can make this type of extract using any freshly picked and "edible" plant material. Great idea though, and one I will keep in mind. I WAS WAITING LIKE HELL TO SEE THE RESULT SO AFTER 8 DAYS I OPENED THE JAR WITHOUT HONEY AND THERE WAS SHARP SMELL OF VINEGAR . It sounds like maybe too many leaves? I also grow a ton of plants that make great extracts. Add light or dark rum for an alcoholic version, or keep it liquor free for a refreshing summer beverage. I made the extract over the summer and am excited to have some and to also give to friends. Add more alcohol as needed.). I make substitute buttermilk using milk and vinegar so I guess this shouldn’t be so surprising.

Hi, Katey, the honey goes in after the leaves steep for the 2-6 weeks and you’ve strained it. I guess my motivation for making the extracts was feeling as if all of that beautiful mint was wasting away.

It gets even better when combined with baked goods, chocolate, or ice cream! I never thought of the vinegar making it buttermilk. I used some today in some cocoa I made with whole milk, and the milk curdled just a little bit, I’m guessing from the vinegar (?) Label with the date, weather conditions, and seasonal information. I’d love to hear how it turns out when it’s finished and you make the frosting. This all sounds interesting and I'm sure it tastes good but it just looks like too much work for me. To make a non-alcohol version of peppermint extract, use the same process as shown above, but replace the 80-proof alcohol with glycerin and distilled water. Keeping extracts for years without refrigeration is possible as long as they remain in a cool dark location.

Pick and prepare an additional cup of mint and place it in a fresh, clean jar. Thanks, and I'm looking forward to sharing your hub with others.

Could this have to do with me doubling the recipe?

. Anthony's Organic Peppermint Leaves, 1 lb, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Cut &... OXO Good Grips Little Salad & Herb Spinner,Clear,Small, 8" Long Stainless Steel Cocktail Muddlers by HQY, Muddler, (12 Pack) 1 oz.


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