At any rate, if you want to enjoy huckleberry ice cream this summer you have some options although they are all expensive. If you have ever tasted huckleberry ice cream you know there is nothing else like it. Wilcoxson’s is a Montana favorite. Unless a product they list as available says “huckleberry” assume it is NOT a huckleberry dessert. This 12 gallon tote actually keeps some ice frozen for up to two days, which means you’ll have plenty of time to replace your freeze packs or ice blocks. In July 2013 Jeni’s Ice Cream announced they had acquired a half-ton of huckleberries and they offered a Huckleberry Yogurt product. The huckleberry milkshake was incredible. Bingen, WA Huckleberry Festival 2020 May be held in September 2020 or may be cancelled. We carefully craft our ice cream and sorbets in Whitefish, Montana using Montana dairy and a selection of quality ingredients from the mountains. This place has everything Huckleberry!! Try as I might,  I didn’t find any other huckleberry ice cream brands over the summer and I’m open to more suggestions. All Rights Reserved. If you find a store in your neighborhood that carries Tillamook products you should check out their ice cream section the next time you go shopping. They may sell “Lavender” and “Wildberry” products, which may be very delicious but at best you can probably only hope they include some huckleberries. Blueberries are grown on commercial farms because they have been domesticated. Just give it to someone at the Customer Service desk. The good news is that you have some possibilities. Campers swear by them and, frankly, if you are driving across the country with a couple of kids and a pet in tow this is exactly what you need to keep those frozen treats in good condition. We have written about some of the many huckleberry festivals that are held every year. Our freshly grown, sweet huckleberries are nationally known and locally loved. Through the years visitors have favored these products, including the fresh huckleberries for sale. But the way the food industry works you may not be able to get the products you want into your stores. And you also want to use cooler pack instead of regular ice cubes so you don’t have to deal with a lot of water. These 12 Restaurants Serve The Best Huckleberry Dishes In Montana. You may have a little trouble navigating around it and finding information.

My boyfriend just got a more simple sweater with a Montana logo and loves it! Unfortunately, Blue Bunny is not (yet) a national brand and it’s hard to say that they or Tillamook could scale up huckleberry ice cream production enough to meet national demand for the product. It helps if there are restaurants in your area that serve the product because often they have to use the same distributors that grocery stores do. Sweet Peaks Ice Cream was founded in 2010 by two ice cream loving Montanans. Explain to them that you want to buy huckleberry ice cream, which you know is normally sold through the northwestern states. And blueberry ice cream is delicious but it is no substitute for huckleberry ice cream. Tillamook’s huckleberry flavor is a rich vanilla with a ribbon of maroon huckleberry running throughout. Results appear on If you want to request huckleberry ice cream in your local store, Tillamook helps you do so. As an aside, these products make great emergency containers for people who live in hurricane-prone areas. These more expensive coolers keep their stuff cold (without electricity) for days. The Great Huckleberry Ice Cream Hunt of 2019 started out on a whim: ... Wilcoxson’s is a Montana favorite. If you live in or near Iowa, basically any region served by Wells Enterprises, their Blue Bunny brand Huckleberry ice cream may be sold in a local store or restaurant. This ribbon and the vanilla are exquisitely paired so that one might not even notice that most of the product is vanilla. The Missoula-based company’s creamy confection was  rich and very strongly flavored with huckleberry. Jenis’ Website is not very well-designed. If Montana had an official state food, it would definitely be huckleberries. The bad news is that they may not pan out for you. The taste testing game was fun and I’m looking forward to next year’s Montana summer to try more. Do not be put-off by the line (there's a reason so many are willing to wait). On Labor Day weekend, in the hills near Lolo Pass, high elevation huckleberries were still coming ripe and a good portion of my camping trip was spent gathering the berries for use in my wedding cake next summer. Fortunately, the Huckleberry Wild Website on Xenite.Org has published a great article on where you can buy huckleberry ice cream. Throughout the summer we tried other brands and it’s clear that no two are alike. If you have friends or relatives who can buy the ice cream for you, one possibility is for them to get a FedEx container for shipping frozen products, take it to the store, buy the ice cream, pack it, and then send it to you.

The strong huckleberry flavor runs throughout. Search all subdomains on our site. Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream was featured in the 2012 November/December issue of Montana Magazine. Whereas melted ice water can damage the packaging on your frozen foods, these packs don’t leak and don’t soak your products. Sometimes you can get a case of product and sometimes you cannot.

Copyright © 2007-2020 Huckleberry Biz. Often the store manager will tell you how much demand they need to order a product, or if they cannot get it for you. You aren’t using up a lot of water. There is another possibility, too, although we consider this a long shot. Also, check out some great old photos on our Pictures page that show the early years. It’s less creamy and more sugary than Big Dipper in my opinion, but it was nice to see actual huckleberries frozen in the mix. We bought three different cartons and decided to see which is best. Days. It’s a little expensive to be an everyday treat, obviously. If you are traveling through the Northwest and want to take some huckleberry ice cream home with you then you can usually find it on sale at stores like Fred Meyer, Safeway, and Rosauer’s. Prices and availability subject to change. A cold dish of sweet huckleberry ice cream. Transporting ice cream across country by car may not seem like the most efficient way to deliver the goods but if you are making a road trip through the northwest this could be just the ticket. Great stop in town for a last minute souvenir shop!

Don’t be angry if the product is not available in your area. For a greater selection, visit our Huckleberry Products Shoppe.

Show me. If you have ever tasted huckleberry ice cream you know there is nothing else like it. But most of us don’t take a Huckleberry Tour each year so getting some incredible tasting huckleberry ice cream can be a real challenge. Huckleberry Hound is a trademark of Hanna-Barbera. They make a delicious Huck pie and have some great taffy, too. Tillamook ice cream is sold across the country but they limit distribution of their huckleberry ice cream to states where huckleberries are local favorites. As an Amazon Associate, Reflective Dynamics, Inc. (owner of Xenite.Org) earns commissions from qualifying purchases. It was my personal favorite in the initial tasting. You can read more about how Jeni’s ships product here. 99 ($12.50/Count) $16.99 shipping. It felt like I was eating something soulful, from a county fair. Copyright © 2007-2020 Where to Find and Buy Huckleberries. Freeze packs are compatible with all types of coolers that we have tried. Established in 2010 in Whitefish, Montana, this artisan ice creamery hand-crafts ice cream using quality ingredients sourced locally (as often as possible) that showcase the unique flavors and personality of the Rocky Mountain region.

Even Wal-mart may have it in their frozen treats section sometimes. But most of us don’t take a Huckleberry Tour each year so getting some incredible tasting huckleberry ice cream can be a real challenge. Huckleberry.Biz is not associated with any of the sellers, festivals, or other entities described on this Website – except where explicitly stated. Freeze packs are great to use because they not only last longer than ice cubes you don’t have to deal with the mess of all the meltwater.


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