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Acquisition metrics – download and discovery, Engagement metrics – Active users, average session length, Retention metrics – customer lifetime value, churn rate, Quality metrics – app store reviews and ratings, manual feedback, automatic crash reports, Behaviour metrics – Devices, location, usage time and frequency, user actions, Competitor moves in on your target market, Details of any previous financial records, briefly explaining any significant trends, Projected growth for the next 3-5 years – state targets for total customers, revenue and expenses for each year, Any assumptions you’ve made in your projections.

Key success factors demonstrate to investors that you’ve thought about ways in which they’ll be able to assess your performance. // < ! “Thanks so much for your time, Anne.

Read the full list here. The letter makes clear that the investor will be liable to pay the consideration in sterling by cheque or via CHAPS transfer to the company’s account (details of which will be supplied separately to the investor upon request). Be specific in describing which aspects of the business you see expanding, but always remain conservative. You’ll just look like an amateur who doesn’t know what the purpose of an executive summary is. Include a photo and a short bio of each person involved in this venture, not limited to immediate or full time staff. Here are the sections you need to include, in order: Company history with milestones achieved (including R&D). In this post I’m going to bundle up the best of the two and provide some further explanation and examples on how to write a professional information memorandum for your app startup.

On this basis, Company A needs to issue SEIS investors with shares amounting to 10% of its share capital after the issue of new shares (on the basis that £100,000 / £1 million X 100 = 10). That’s not to say this document should be long and drawn out. The people in and around a team are the number 1  an investor will look to when investing in an early-stage business. There is protection provided to the company at page two which provides that the information memorandum has been prepared in good faith, but no responsibility or liability is or will be accepted by the Company in relation to the information memorandum’s accuracy or completeness.

Do you think they’re going to sit down with a glass of wine and read it cover to cover? What are you doing to raise that money? Discussing risks demonstrates that you’ve considered the investment proposal thoroughly, and that you’ve put yourself in the shoes of the investor. This section is basically an appendix to your IM. You’re reading part 2/5 in the Buzinga crash course: How To Raise Startup Funds By Giving Investors What They Really Want, Go to part 1: The Essential Guide To Pitching Your App To Investors, Go to part 3: The Essential Financial Planning Template For App Startups, Go to part 4: The Secret To Acquiring Venture Capital Investment, Go to part 5: 7 Knockout Pitches Every Startup Needs To Watch. An information memorandum (IM) is the document you hand to investors after you’ve delivered a hard-hitting pitch, just before you leave the room. 3. This section shows you’ve done your homework – that you’re aware of a world of product offerings, competitors and customers that exist outside your business. Whatever it is, you’ll need some convincing analysis to back up the claims you’ve just made, and prove that your idea has legs to stand on. State why your team is investment worthy. Your email address will not be published. Your past might not seem so important, but looking at your track record is a common method investors use to evaluate your future potential. You want punchy sentences. Thank you, very helpful indeed !! The following two tabs change content below.

Every business venture contains risks. Allow plenty of time to write a succinct, appealing and convincing summary. What are people in the market likely to see as a weaknesses?

// < ! assumptions, risks and disclaimers contained in this Information Memorandum (IM).

Documents and important detail contained within the Information Memorandum.

Don’t worry about sounding stupid. The investor must insert their details at Schedule 1 of the subscription letter – Schedule 1 essentially acts as the investor’s ‘application form’. [CDATA[ Suppose therefore that Company A subdivides its share capital to instead create 10,000 ordinary shares of nominal value £0.01 each. Circa 300,000 metric tons of material will be required to be excavated and crashed from the site for the causeway, roadways and bunker pads. This section brings the whole IM together in the form of juicy numbers. https://www.buzinga.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/doc.jpg, https://www.buzinga.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Buzinga-Logo-Old-Small.png, The Information Memorandum Investors Actually Want To Read, What Fintech Is And Why All Businesses Should Care, Infographic: 9 Crucial Things To Test Before Your App Goes Live, User engagement and retention optimisation, Artificial intelligence and machine learning, How To Raise Startup Funds By Giving Investors What They Really Want, The Essential Guide To Pitching Your App To Investors, The Essential Financial Planning Template For App Startups, The Secret To Acquiring Venture Capital Investment, 7 Knockout Pitches Every Startup Needs To Watch, The Ultimate Guide To Performing A Competitive Analysis On Apps, How To Hire Rockstar Talent For Your Startup, customisable profit and loss forecasting spreadsheet, The Secret To Acquiring Startup Investment In Australia, Ep 18: Collective Campus’ CEO on Intrapreneurship and Corporate Innovation, 50 User Engagement Strategies For Planning Memorable Mobile Experiences, Latest Data: App Monetisation Trends And Drivers 2015-2020, The growing role of Beacons for enhancing Customer Experience – Brauz Case Study, The Beginner’s Guide To Using Apple’s AppStore Search Ads, A User Experience Review of the New myGov Website. The company can also outline the risk factors that it is specifically exposed to so as to give potential investors / subscribers further information with which they can assess the level of investment risk (although any potential investor / subscriber is advised to first seek professional advice from an individual authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (‘FSMA 2000’) before making a decision on whether to invest in the company or not). Not really, but you need to woo them with your words! You are advised to fill in the wording in square brackets in lower case. Most of the information you are legally required to include in the prospectus will be included in your IM, but have a lawyer look over your IM to ensure you have included all the necessary information. An IM is a very formal document, so including a personalised touch at the start and finish puts them in a great frame of mind to read your plan, and reflect on it later.


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