To clarify the last condition, to use alcohol “in vain” (lahw) means to consume or use alcohol as corrupt people do, for corrupt or sinful purposes. I pray this finds you in the best of health and states. I’m not sure that qualifies as “in vain”. Beer batter does contain alcohol, although usually only in small quantities. Battered Fish recipe by Faz ♡ posted on 21 Jan 2017 . The sixth principle is, land-animals who have flowing blood in them and they survive on grass and leaves, and do not prey on other animals (i.e. For instance, the Hairy Bikers beer-battered fish recipe uses beer, plain flour, cornflour and salt to create its batter, while others recommend mixing both beer and sparkling water to create a lighter batter. A graduate of Cambridge University, Holloway runs the blog Gonzo History Gaming. I have been told that it’s down to my opinion whether they are fish or not but I was hoping for a Hanafi ruling on the matter. But I was told by a student that it would be Halal because it was impossible to get intoxicated from it, but he is in a Hanafi institution studying.

My question is what is the Hanafi ruling on the matter of prawns, squids and other such vermin of the oceans. Is Beer Halal According to the Hanafi Fiqh? Therefore, its presence in any food or drink would render that food or drink impermissible, however little the amount of beer present. Carbon dioxide bubbles in the beer make the batter expand, giving it its characteristic light, crisp texture.

At 5 percent alcohol, that amounts to approximately 0.58 ounces of alcohol in the recipe. The level of alcohol in beer varies greatly, with most beers falling between 3 and 8 percent alcohol. (b) it is not used as intoxicants are used (i.e. Scientific American: Beer Batter is Better, Department of Energy: Ask a Scientist -- Cooking With Alcohol, U.S. Department of Agriculture: Table of Nutrient Retention Factors. So the very first condition mentioned for permissibility is that the alcohol used in the product is not normally used as an intoxicant. Some recipes use beer as the only liquid in the batter, while others use both beer and water. By Imam Zia Sheikh. Can you explain our School’s position? Dr James Holloway has been writing about games, geek culture and whisky since 1995. Beer batter, most commonly used for fish, is a crisp coating made from beer and flour, together with other ingredients which can include salt or water. People seeking to avoid even trace alcohol contact, such as diners whose religion prohibits it, should avoid beer batter, but those who just want to avoid being drunk should have nothing to fear.

Assalamu Alaykum, Answer: I believe there is some misunderstanding on this issue.

And it is not used simply to be used, but supposedly because it makes the food taste better. 12 Mar, 2012. Thank you. So I refrained. Sea vermins are not permitted because they are not in the form of fish.

Turbot, carp, flipper, eel and shark are included. The amount of beer in a beer batter recipe varies greatly from recipe to recipe. Seafood is allowed in the Shafi’i Madhhab, whether fish, sea vermins like shrimp, prawns, lobsters, all shellfish and crustacean (i.e. Beer battered shrimp is unlawful to consume, as is anything with beer in it, no matter how little the amount of beer. I have been told that it’s down to my opinion whether they are fish or not but I was hoping for a Hanafi ruling on the matter. If cooking reduces the alcohol content to 85 percent, the new total would be 0.49 ounces. I have recently been researching into what seafood are allowed and what are not. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. Question: I was reading your response about the Hanafi position on beer versus wine alcohol. they must be entirely aquatic only, not like land crabs and amphibious creatures), whether they were harvested from the sea or found dead on the shore (but not found dead and floating on the water). What Happens to the Alcohol Concentration When Bottles of Beer Are Left Open? Carbon dioxide bubbles in the beer make the batter expand, giving it its characteristic light, crisp texture. (c) it is not used in an amount that intoxicates; بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم Answer Beer battered fish is not… (d) it is not used in vain (lahw).”. How Much Is a Single Serving Size of a Drink? Immersing the alcohol in a boiling liquid and then removing it from the heat -- the method by which batter is cooked -- is one of the least effective means of reducing alcohol, leaving around 85 percent of the original alcohol content in the food. A mixture of alcohol and water, like beer, boils away at a temperature between the boiling point of alcohol and the boiling point of water, 212 F. Since batter is typically cooked at high temperatures -- "The Guardian" recommends 365 F -- this should be sufficient to boil some of the alcohol away. However their fish is “beer battered”.

for alcoholic consumption, even a little); My example would be beer-battered shrimp.

Is Beer Battered Shrimp Halal? My Muslim partner does, and washes it down with a nice white wine… OK, she is dieting right now, so maybe not so much anymore. Question: I was reading your response about the Hanafi position on beer versus wine alcohol. wassalam


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