Monetary contracts in weight control: effectiveness of group and individual contracts of varying size.  et al.

 et al. Ainslie G. Specious reward: a behavioral theory of impulsiveness and impulse control. He talks about what people think about fat people, sex, rewards, confessions, deadly sins, doing bad things versus thinking about doing bad things, tooth pain and family trauma. Connolly T, Butler DU. At 8 months, weight among deposit contract participants was less than at baseline to only a marginally significant degree (P = .10); otherwise, follow-up results of maintenance participants at the end of 8 months were qualitatively similar. We used a minimum age of 30 years because a lower minimum age risks having too mixed a group from an intervention perspective, and the upper age was set at 70 years because the evidence for the benefit of weight reduction after age 70 years is relatively weaker than at younger ages.7 We chose an upper limit on a BMI of 40 to minimize the influence of outliers on the main result of weight loss. At the end of 7 months, however, lottery and deposit contract participants weighed significantly less than they did at the beginning of the study (t18 = −2.87, P = .01; 95% CI, −15.89 to −2.47 for the lottery group; t18 = −2.41; P = .03; 95% CI, −11.67 to −0.81 for the deposit contract group), whereas control participants did not (t18 = −1.97; P = .06, 95% CI, −9.19 to 0.29). Critical revision of the manuscript for important intellectual content: Volpp, John, Troxel, Norton, Fassbender, Loewenstein. Unadjusted odds ratios (ORs) for the likelihood of reaching the 16-lb weight loss goal were estimated and compared with ORs ratios adjusted for the stratification variables (sex and age) as well as other baseline covariates. National Institutes of Health. Half of the writing is a list of authors set goals and plans and the rest is "rumbling" as the author calls it himself about different situations and thoughts about hunger ,dieting and getting back on truck. All Rights Reserved. All participants were given a free scale with precision to 0.2 lb (to convert to kilograms, multiply by 0.45). Of those who completed the study, the daily call-in rate was extremely high and not statistically different between incentive conditions: 94.0% for the deposit contract group; 97.4% for the lottery group (F 2.43; P = .13, 95% CI of the difference in means, −8% to 1%). These participants each received a $50 bonus, and deposit contract participants who lost at least 20 lb each received an additional $46 (their share of the total amount forfeited by participants in their group who did not lose weight). Analysis and interpretation of data: Volpp, John, Troxel, Loewenstein.

The book is well written and funny. Objective To determine whether common decision errors identified by behavioral economists such as prospect theory, loss aversion, and regret could be used to design an effective weight loss intervention. Our work expands understanding of how financial incentives can contribute to weight loss.

In conclusion, incentive approaches based on behavioral economic concepts appear to be highly effective in inducing initial weight loss. Flegal KM, Graubard BI, Williamson DF, Gail MH. Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2018. Golden eggs and hyperbolic discounting. Reduction in the incidence of type 2 diabetes with lifestyle intervention or metformin. He's started following Ordover's advice and is starting to lose weight! Helpful. Participants were recruited May-August 2007 at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center in Pennsylvania and were followed up through June 2008. Fourteen of those either held constant or increased their contributions each month.


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