John H. Anthony  |   So if 1,000 people who DON'T know what they are doing place £1000 each on the same horse then it could become the favourite even though its last run was down on Blackpool pleasure beach! I can verify the winners, Ken, be, then in the long run he is valuable to follow.

5: Pick out any handicap races that have odds for the favourite quoted as no more than 7/4. You can only do this on a betting exchange, it sounds easy to do but can be very risky. Punters see that they were beaten last time when favourite and assume They overbet the favourite and sometimes create false favourites. My friend tried, Iv just spent the last 2 hours going through past scores bet, 19 out of 19 Tips Correct In Feb – 100% Strike Rate, How To Calculate Liability When Laying On Betfair. In general, 60-70% of racehorse favourites will lose. A favourite could be backed down to 2/1, but when looking at and analyzing the race, you may feel it’s true price should be 4/1. It is based on a chi-squared test but presented in an easier to understand format that is applied to betting. 2: Ideally, you should look for handicap races which have 16 runners or more. The second favourite is thus underbet and pushed into profitability. If his price is higher than it should if so then you SHOULD consider laying it. There is a flaw in the weight for age scale. These are the races that are best to concentrate on. I know exactly what you are thinking at this point..."Not quite as much as I was hoping for!!!". You would imagine that "Laying" the outsider in all races would certainly stand you in good stead as the majority of them lose and you would win the majority of the time BUT unfortunately if you take that course you WILL come unstuck at some point and you WOULD wipe out any previous profits plus more from your original betting banks, as they do win now and again. Lay Betting.

... Lay betting is where you bet on a horse to lose a race. This has been adapted into an easier to understand ARCHIE figure by Steve Tilley. The second favourite is thus underbet and pushed into profitability. The best advice is to run a statistical test to see if the winners were obtained due to chance. Join today and get instant access to all our racing info including: Backing and Laying System Builders Unlimited Stats Unique Horse Racing Ratings, All for just £25 a month or see special offers, 1 Meeting ⋄ 9 Races ⋄ 94 Horses, Kempton4:00 4:35 5:05 5:35 6:05 6:35 7:05 7:35 8:05, Kempton5:05 Poetry And Art6:05 Authora Dream7:35 Alminoor. Would you bet a 6/4 favourite in an 18 runner handicap race? opportunity to find weak favourites, with punters backing the favourite with the bookmaker’s blindly, which has the effect of forcing the odds price down to below what it’s perceived true price should be. Weekend punters may only focus on the price itself, rather than all aspects of the horse and blindly back it, no matter what the odds are.

It is far better to run many systems all at the same time. Well, admittedly its not a lot but if you are aiming for say 8 such races per day, then £40 is not to be sniffed at, and remember this is only day 1, from day 2 your profit target may well be £6 per race. Performance Evaluation of Wagering Systems and Methods, I don;t understand lay betting You can read more about the Archie test here:

This favourite is very much underbet by form punters and media pundits. His Horse Racing Tips service, the Sure2Profit Membership ( [] ) have helped over 1,288 people making over £50,000 per year on Tax FREE profits ." Your liabilities are also good with you only risking £15 if the odds were 6/4 {2.5 on Betfair} to win £10, I'm sure you would agree that this is a lot better than the example above where you risk a LOT more for the same reward. Chi (pronounced Kai and is the shortened term of Chi Squared) is a statistical method used to determine if observed results are likely to be just random. Some tipster give these kind of horse racing tips and I can assure that if done properly it can make you quite a lot of money! You may now see why "Laying" can be quite safe and very profitable. 7: Some days you may find that there are no 16 runner or above races, if this happens simply look for 14 runners etc. Weak favourites tend to appear more at lower level, mid-week racing than at weekends, but again are pushed by the bookmakers in the hope that punters will blindly back the favourite rather than study the race and form and come to their own decision on the favourite’s true chances. 2 nd Half Entry Point Lay £100 @ 2.70 Exit @ 1.01 if no goals = -£170. So here is my personal horse racing tips: 1: After making your selections, either at the racing post website or any daily newspaper, just check to see if your horse is a "Course & Distance" winner {Shown as CD NEXT TO THE HORSE}. If you just follow one system you are leaving yourself open to bad losing streaks which can deplete your bank and dent your confidence in a system. Punters underestimate the chances of CD top weights in those races. Doing so will iron out any fluctuations in performance.

8: When you have all the corresponding races, just go to and check out the odds there for your selections.


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