Typical of many immigrants, his parents worked hard and encouraged their children to pursue their dreams. ", The historical archive of the National Herald, Malliotakis Leads Rose by More Than 37,000 Votes in Staten Island, US Won't Back Greece Airspace Corridors Despite Turkish Violations, Greek Bourla, Pfizer Chairman & CEO, Says COVID Vaccine Is Looking 90% Effective. George L. Argyros is well known in a wide variety of prominent circles, as his long and illustrious life has included achievements ranging from real estate, to sports, to international diplomacy.

Locally, in 2006, he publicly supported the Republican incumbent, Bob Ehrlich, for governor of Maryland and criticizing Democratic candidate Martin J. O’Malley, who won the election. It invests in food vending, grocery distribution, video/arcade entertainment, restaurants, and media outlets. Andrew Liveris, is president, chairman and CEO of international chemical, materials, agroscience and plastics global giant, the Dow Chemical Company, based in Midland, MI. 26 Apr 2020. He went to Baltimore at age 11, where his family settled in the Highlandtown section. The Orioles enjoyed some success early under Angelos’ ownership, making the postseason as a wild card team in 1996 and winning the American League East Division title in 1997.

In June 2011, President Obama named him co-Chair of an Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, which aims to pool the efforts of industry, schools and the government for innovation in fields like information technology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. Varvatos, later asked about what gave him the idea, said: “we just cut off a pair of longjohns and thought, this could be cool.” Arch, a Forbes-rated powerhouse, writes insurance and reinsurance on a worldwide basis through operations in Bermuda and the United States. He is currently on the boards of the National Math and Science Initiative and The Nature Conservancy. His daughter, Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis, was appointed U.S. KPS Capital Partners is an American investment company that manages KPS Special Situation Funds that in turn controls private equity limited funds. The money flowed in: even before the bonds were placed, Kalogris received a $425 million bank revolver loan and $140 million in equity commitments. Kalogris was chairman and CEO of SunCom Wireless, a wireless carrier which had operated in the southeastern United States since 1999, and in parts of the Caribbean since 2004. The brothers each signed a will naming the other as executor of his estate, and reportedly agreed to divide the business equally between their two families in the event of one of their deaths. He spoke little English when he first enrolled at the University of Maine-Orono, but worked his way through college and earned a BSEE degree, driven by a love of mathematics and the sciences. FREE Background Report. He helped establish Verisign as a global corporation used by millions of consumers and businesses daily as they interact on the world’s voice and data networks. The first time I went to XIOS was in my mid-twenties.

Hope all is well with you and your family. That company, today known as Kappa Graphics, LP. He was also honored with the 2001 Morgan Stanley Morgan Leadership Award for Global Commerce, named to Forbes’ Top 50 CEO’s list, and served alongside 30 technology experts on former President George W. Bush’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee. The Rangos Foundation supports medical research at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, one of the world's finest pediatric care centers, and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he established an innovative new program which invites and challenges the brightest young minds at Johns Hopkins to find a cure to metastatic cancer. A son of Greek immigrants, Payiavlas traces his company’s beginning to purchasing a few vending machines for the family’s Village Café in his hometown of Warren, OH. Dimon left Citigroup in November 1998 due to an internal conflict with Weill. Nobody is perfect. It is a story of two Greek-Americans forming a partnership and accomplishing something extraordinary. He joined Verisign in July 1995 as one of its first employees.

The Greek-Australian sits on the board of directors of IBM, and is vice chairman of the Business Council and a vice chair of the Business Roundtable. She appeared in various off-Broadway productions, television series and films, until 1994 when Friends came along. Forbes reported in November that Dimon told Donald Trump’s presidential transition team that he did not want to be considered for Secretary of the Treasury, though it is unclear if that was because if he accepted the position he would have to divest his JPMorgan Chase holdings. Ambassador to Hungary in 2010. The Mary Jaharis Center continues to support book-length publications or major articles in the field of Byzantine studies broadly conceived. A resident of Harbor Island in Newport Bay, CA, Argyros is a recognized business leader and philanthropist.

After his father lost his restaurant business in the Wall Street crash of 1929, Karabots held his first job at age 9, in 1942, as a shoeshine boy in Manhattan’s Union Square. He moved to Chicago to live with family, before eventually continuing west to the San Joaquin Valley in California.

Known for its rustic and elegant cuisine and environment, Kokkari enjoys its standing as the premier Greek restaurants and a favorite of the local Democratic establishment.

The company has since grown, now featuring clothing and equipment for lacrosse and soccer. Its brands include Fossil, Relic, Abacus, Michele Watch and Zodiac. In total, Lomar has spent $2 billion on buying 125 ships over the past five years. Under his leadership, according to the NEA website, the company’s assets under management have grown more than tenfold to over $13 billion. Its recent endeavor Boston Landing, is a complex for a hotel, sports facility, indoor track, and a commuter rail station. In 2010, he published The Business of Happiness: 6 Secrets to Extraordinary Success in Life and Work. He serves on the boards of the International Athletic Footwear & Apparel Manufacturers Association and the Two/Ten Foundation, Inc. Their clients include Ohio State University, FedEx, DirecTV, BMV of North America, Xerox, General Electric, Wellesley College, Progressive Insurance, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Verizon, and Xerox. He was also president and CEO of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens from 1999 to 2001. These usually include corporate sellers shedding non-core assets, public sellers seeking to maximize shareholder value, or private sellers seeking capital and operational support. Cumberland Farms owns and operates convenience stores, and previously also gas stations throughout New England, New York, the Mid-Atlantic States and Florida under the Cumberland Farms, (and previously, also Gulf and Mobil) names. Mistras reported strong sales and earnings to close 2015. He remained Chairman Emeritus of the Kos board until his passing. In 1966, Vagelos joined the Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine as chairman of its Biological Chemistry Department where he founded the division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences.

Bidzos is an Internet and security industry pioneer, whose accomplishments include building RSA Security, an Internet identity and access management solution provider, into the early standard-bearer for authentication and encryption, and launching Verisign as a spin-off in 1995 to develop the digital certificate infrastructure for Internet commerce.

“The more I make, the more I get to give back. George Yancopoulos joined Regeneron Laboratories in 1989 as its Founding Scientist and is currently President and Chief Scientific Officer. Georges started out in the family business at a young age, sweeping warehouse floors at age 11 and making deliveries by age 15. Dr. Yancopoulos earned MD and PhD degrees from Columbia University, and was the eleventhmost cited scientist in the world in the 1990s.

It was renamed the Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics in 2006. He graduated from the University of Iowa’s College of Business Administration in 1952. As The National Herald reported in May 2016, upon the Vageloses’ generous bequests to the University of Pennsylvania, Barnard College, and Columbia University, their philosophy is simple: “giving back.”. The Foundation works with leading thinkers, policy experts, elected officials and the public to build support for efforts to put America on a fiscally sustainable path. His law firm and wealth expanded exponentially in 1982, when he represented 8,500 plaintiffs – the largest number of plaintiffs ever – in asbestos litigation and won.

A notable campaign financier, Georges unsuccessfully ran for governor of Louisiana as an independent in 2007. A perfect example of wild variations in estimated net worth is the case of President Trump, whose net worth at press time Forbes estimated to be $3.7 billion. SHIPPING/AVIATION/REAL ESTATE/ENERGY/HOSPITALITY.

In October 1991, Chambers Development owned and operated a number of large regional landfills, worth a reported market value of $1.7 billion. Davis, son of Greek immigrants bought the retail sports footwear company in 1972 and took the company to new heights four years later with the development of the New Balance 320 running shoe. The daughter of daytime soap opera star John Aniston (Days of Our Lives), she eclipsed her father’s television fame and success with her own role as Rachel Green on the eternally popular situation comedy, Friends (1994-2004). Then in 1990, Sakellaris purchased NEES Energy and it became the energy conservation company he re-named NORESCO. John Pappajohn is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and at 88 years old, still a self-proclaimed workaholic. The two partners launched a new business model nearly four decades years ago, based on matching each property with the largest pool of pre-qualified investors. He is also a member of the Houston Food Bank’s Capital Campaign Committee and he has assisted in raising over $50 million for the organization. Greece is competing for investment with every country in Europe, and its periphery (especially its periphery), every country in the world, and even every state in the United States.


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