The usual eligibility criteria apply to those receiving the award. A flat rate cash value payment to all staff at all grades maximising the 2.5% available and consolidating as much as possible. Covid has brought hard times for a lot of families and as the award does not meet the PCS claim we have asked the employer to impose the award. Time and again money in pay awards being concentrated at the higher grades. 719 0 obj <>stream endstream endobj 680 0 obj <>/Metadata 40 0 R/Pages 677 0 R/StructTreeRoot 62 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 681 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 594.96 841.92]/Parent 677 0 R/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 682 0 obj <>stream Although this addresses pay for those at the lower end of the scale it means that many members have stagnated at or just below the pay scale maxima. A flat 2.5% payment to all consolidating as much as possible. The Group Executive considered the award on 25th August and felt that in the current climate members would be unlikely to reject the pay award. h�bbd```b``��5 ���d� f[�e�HF ��0Y�f���U`�~0; DIƙ�A��HD(H�{�������l##]���C� ��S %PDF-1.5 %���� Employees working at the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) who are members of the trade union Prospect have voted to reject a five-year pay deal because of corresponding changes to their employment terms and conditions.. Around 65% of Prospect members who work at the MoJ participated in the three-week ballot. Staff in the local government sector voted two to one (66%) in favour of the 2020/21 pay award, which will apply to England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Get the latest up-to-date in depth news from inside the Civil Service. �. If money was made available separately to pay deals for such machinery of government changes then we would not have this problem to tackle year on year. i.e. So those in those grades will see a 3% consolidated increase to their salaries. We did see some movement in the non-consolidated performance payment but not enough. We do this for the following reasons: A two-year award would provide both employees and employer with certainty during a … A number of people who have transferred in from Natural England and the Environment Agency will now be on Defra pay scales. An honest assessment would be that there was little room for negotiation once they commenced due to how the costs are linked within the pay model and the principles being applied by RemCo. PCS has been very clear in their position that there should be no worsening or trade off of terms and conditions. The average Ministry of Justice salary ranges from approximately £16,871 per year for Receptionist to £55,926 per year for User Interface Designer. UNISON and GMB both voted to accept whilst Unite voted to reject. Talks with the MOJ are at a very early stage and discussions are subject to a ‘without prejudice’ basis. So the higher your grade the more likely you are to receive a performance bonus. Full details of the pay award and the pay award calculator are likely to appear on the intranet soon. Register for our newsletter. 2 0 obj It is one of the reasons that PCS is against the performance marking being linked to pay in any way. Average Ministry of Justice weekly pay ranges from approximately £274 per week for Quality Assurance Manager to £424 per week for Designer. This is one of the reasons after years of pay restraint PCS feel a flat basic pay increase to all with a cash value would have been more equitable to all. Following those discussion RemCo agreed a set of principles prioritising how the money would be distributed. Conversely those at the top end of their pay scale have seen little in the way of consolidated money during the austerity years. %%EOF 5.1 A two-year award to cover the 2020 and 2021 pay years The unions submit this claim for a two-year award covering the 2020 and 2021 pay years. We reported previously that we had met with representatives of the Defra RemCO (remuneration committee). Terms and conditions will remain unchanged this year but the department have signalled that they want to look at these moving forward as part of a future pay flexibility case. h޼V�j�0�=��E7[����im��f���M��!���.���|ɥ�4�-F�H3�kΉGaD3F�'��$��f K�z� �O8��P�{B�� �5�•� 7h���PqB�*IP��� ��~���>��Tߐ�Sڻ�7Y����n�������qi�$&��ٲ8��c�,��Ħ% �O�f�dZ>���,^^�d�P-����DpF�xV)� K�^/{ Those with 3-6 months’ time in post will receive 50% of the award and those with less than 3 months in post will not be eligible for the award but will be uplifted to any new minima.

It is demonstrated in the data each year that higher grades receive a disproportionate amount of exceeded box markings.

3&MW�qa�t��}ǧ������������{]��>a���'I�ČG*W��2��,ZO�\������>��wǧu=�_������?��_n�㷳�r9��jy���S��~,f���$z��Y�; ���e)�����_�-�>y~����,bYt~��n�R�DFi�#��g@���0����''ofS5,�Gr��-�鑘�\�K���z�U�tm^.�b]ҝ�h�US9����+�t��� endobj This is through this performance payment by grade bands and the continued use of percentage based pay increases. Review of pay awards 2019: Private-sector pay. This year there are proposals to increase some minima and maxima, the increase at the maxima is particularly welcomed to try and secure some consolidated money for those people. A percentage based increase always favours those who earn more money so a flat rate would have tackled that divide after years of stagnation in pay. An underpin will apply (minimum award) of 0.5%; however it will be capped at the new maxima.

There will be 3 groupings with a different cash value at each grade grouping. RemCo representatives considered the views of all three unions and came up with a set of principles that they wanted to apply to the pay award this year: The award will follow that of similar years, utilise the matrix system and be made up of consolidated and unconsolidated money. endobj endobj The discussions with RemCo allowed PCS to ask for two positions to be looked at: Other unions within the bargaining unit were not in agreement with the cash value payment due to where their members are within pay ranges. x��=�r�F���?��ܲ ��VJ���8ɱ�-oj׻4I�ЄBBR|�~�{ PAY Award 2020 . We have now concluded the formal negotiations. %����

Pay the award to all qualifying staff as a mixture of consolidated increases to base pay and one-off non-consolidated payments, Target staff who are below the Defra minima due to TUPE/COSoP transfers, Pay higher base pay increases to those who are lower in their pay ranges, Have no link between end year performance marks and increases to base salaries, and, Maintain the approach to non-consolidated performance related payments, whereby they are awarded only to those rated ‘Exceeded Expectations’ in their end year performance reviews. stream The new pay rates are attached at Annex 1. From 4 February 2020, all of the Quarrying Award’s terms and conditions moved into the Cement and Lime Award, and it is now called the Cement, Lime and Quarrying Award [MA000055]. All grades up to grade 6 use the same performance and development system which is where the marking is drawn from; it should then follow that an exceeded marking is the same standard regardless of grade.


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