Bring Navy Blue in Through Textiles; 7. "@type": "Article", Blue Palettes Throughout 5.

Want to change the wall color to a darker hue?

So…navy blue might just be our favorite decor color now.

When traditional style meets a minimalist, color-saturated aesthetic the results are just fabulous.

Oct 19, 2020 - Explore Carey's board "Blue Bedroom", followed by 4123 people on Pinterest. Navy Bedroom With Golden and Copper Accents; 2. 16 Navy Blue Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas for a Timeless Makeover, 29 Inviting Earth Tone Color Ideas for Your Bedroom, 24 Charming Bedroom Decor Ideas that are Perfect for Couples, 33 Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas to Turn your Room into a Paradise. Follow our tips to decorate a timeless and functional dining room. Navy goes beautifully with a range of other colors, from warm and silver metallics alike to vibrant greens and yellows.

Even though there aren’t many patterns here, the textures like the quilted seams in the blanket and the cute pom pom trims create interesting contrasts.

Want to dip your toe in the trendy decorating waters? Click here to find more inspiring ways that you can use this stylish shade.

to help give you the best experience we can. Silver, gold, white, light gray, yellow, olive green, tan, light blue, pink, jade green, blush, taupe, greige, turquoise, and red are some of the colors that look amazing with navy blue. Yes, the radiator brings the retro accent in but the rest of the furnishings are modern, simple and elegant. "datePublished": "2019-02-26", In this setting, the royal navy blue steps in through two elements, a bed cover and a pillow and that’s it, a versatile insert with superb aesthetics. Navy blue is a color from nature that could be considered a neutral, but it also packs a powerful design punch that cannot be ignored. "@context": "", Find what you are looking for on, I have this problem. © 2020 - All rights reserved. "headline": "33 Awesome Navy Blue Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You", Visit Wayfair to get access to exclusive deals everyday up to 70% off. The elegance and stability of the navy blue is here enhanced by herringbone patterned wooden floors and herringbone gray rug both adding dynamic to an otherwise still interior, neutral palettes are used on textiles while rose copper and golden accents are being inserted on the light fixtures to increase the sumptuousness of the interior.

Navy blue is difficult but beautiful and sophisticated color, what do you think? There’s so much to love in this simple, chic bedroom that it’s hard to pick a favorite element!

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If you’re lucky enough to have these in your home, then you owe it to yourself to have a gorgeous accent wall like this navy blue beauty. Just take a look at this bedroom! Delicate Textures Enhance Bedroom Interior Design. "width": "1500", A coat of blue paint is the perfect update to go with bright white trim and windows. Neutral tones are used throughout yet everything comes together aggregated by the navy blue, subtle wooden textures and neutral textiles support with airiness beautifully. Do note the beautiful vaulted ceiling and the immense amount of light, great assets to blue spiced up interior! It’s also an incredibly versatile color that can suit just about any aesthetic.

Top it all off with a white crystal chandelier and you’ve got a bedroom that any girly girl would adore! You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a massive work of art to have a statement piece hanging on your wall. The deep navy blue duvet and pillow shams get a dose of texture with diamond-shaped pleats. The navy blue paint on the accent wall of this bedroom creates a bold statement while making the white ceiling look more crisp. A recipe of wood, gray and lightness paired with navy blue is bulletproof and here too it fits like a glove.

Gray on the floor, white on the ceiling, navy blue in the back in a room flooded by light; everything simply spectacular.

This is perfect for a teen girl’s bedroom or college dorm decor. Temporary design elements like wallpaper and decals have come such a long way. A pretty work of art over the headboard breaks up the sea of navy blue and draws the eye up, pulling the colors in the bedding and the wall together. So…navy blue might just be our favorite decor color now. Mar 3, 2019 - Explore Lois Boswell's board "Navy Blue Bedrooms", followed by 211 people on Pinterest. A rustic bench holds magazines and candles modern round wall art, wooden pieces contrast black and white picture frame. Whew! Navy blue is no stranger to the traditional bedroom scheme, but today’s designs run the irresistible gamut of nautical to uptown chic.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the comment section below, happy redecorating! Natural materials and extraordinarily elegant, delicate patterns define a bedroom above, one in which the navy blue color handles the contrast at a chromatic level without taking the first seat in the space. Airiness With Posh Navy Sophistication, 7. Navy blue is a soothing color that’s perfect for lulling you to sleep. All white, light wooden floors, birch airy nightstand and rattan light fixtures create a space that breathes and exude light in  superb atmosphere. It’s also a fantastic choice for simple, traditional decor with white walls. The greenery, rough floors and powerful contrast make the whole space, gaze at how little it takes to create an extraordinarily powerful, vibrant atmosphere! "height": "643", The wall on the right, however, is toned down to create dimension and to break off the heaviness.

It’s like sleeping in the forest under a dreamy blanket of stars. Let your wallpaper do the talking and focus on luxury when it comes to your bedding.

Before you know it you’ll have the confidence for a big decor statement like a navy wall mural. Required fields are marked *, 1. A dining room should be always ready to serve guests.

Gaze for a second on the vibration of the wallpaper in the image above, it seems far away, old yet dynamic, a sober elegance that enhances other shades of blue.

Here a tall white base breaks the connection between splendid wooden floors and a great shade of navy blue, note how all the tree elements now enter in contrast one with the other, an harmonious contrast for which the wick basket and super plant as a nightstand has only words of praise, just like us. A combination hard to pull off and easy to love and hate; what do you think? "@type": "ImageObject",

You can incorporate navy blue in small pieces here and there – from throw pillows to patterned wall stencils.

This is a splendid bedroom that aims to create focus on a couple of great elements: the black and white rug, wire-frame nightstand with wooden top, blank wall art on navy blue wall, suspended greenery in rope and small but golden nightstand by the bed, have you seen the pillows too? The side table is painted in semi-matte black like the bed and holds a head-to-toe navy blue lamp in a traditional shape. "logo": { This is an awesome example of how you can make a design statement on a budget. Talk about an accent wall! A mid-century aesthetic is the perfect contemporary style to pull together a dusty shade of navy blue with beige, white, wood, and greenery. The vibrant interior is supplemented by geometric patterns a great deal, note the pillows, bed cover and nightstand lamp. Get your start with a few little accent pieces in navy blue – a throw pillow here, a textured blanket there. See more ideas about Blue bedroom, Bedroom design, Blue headboard.

Navy blue is a color from nature that could be considered a neutral, but it also packs a powerful design punch that cannot be ignored. This beautiful bedroom mural wallpaper recreates a mountainside starry night in the comfort of your bedroom. There is something about a navy blue bedroom that’s just so incredibly classy, cozy and timeless.

This design blends navy, blush, white and gold to create a truly beautiful and inviting space. Do you love to go camping and experience the outdoors? It’s simple and sophisticated. This mandala print tapestry takes up plenty of space and adds a peaceful visual element to your bedroom.

The color palette here is a far more more mature, the navy tones are a tad more subdued, in a more elegant balance with the grey and wood presence around.

Love this blue and white bed set paired with boat print pillows. If you’ve never decorated with dark colors before, then start small. How much do you think the navy blue wall contributes to this ambiance? Crisp white sheets peek out from the black platform bed. "author": "Anton Giuroiu", Try mixing patterns in your bedding. Flannel sheets would make this awesome outdoor-inspired decor feel extra warm and cozy! This might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it certainly is extraordinary beautiful and shatteringly beautiful space.

Airiness With Posh Navy Sophistication 6. This looks amazing with those chevron wood floors but could work just as well with a neutral carpet. The humongous knitted blanket strikes again! Neutral taupe tones come in to root a room down to the ground, a white base disrupts the between wooden floors and navy blue wall yet here the rug stops the contrast abruptly further enhancing the taupe presence in bottom half of the room.

A rather simple interior is here spiced up but small intricate details at textiles level and material level, notice the light wooden floors paired with the wired bed frame and lightness of the room.

You can keep the rest of the look pretty simple with neutrals and organic materials for a nice, earthy space.

Navy Blue Interior With Intricate Patterns, 13. That’s a long list. White wooden floors support it along with white fur and a white painting swimming in blue; together they bring airiness in heavy yet splendid interior. This is a perfect solution for bedroom design beginners who want something stylish but aren’t sure about making bold moves. The dark blue contrasts with such crispness with the white ceiling and wooden beams. Rattan and Ochre Tone Support the Navy, 5. "description": "Navy blue is a highly sophisticated color that would fit a bedroom? Finally – that rug! ",

The large white paper lantern is like a full moon rising over the bedroom.

Blue and white damask is a classic wallpaper print that, when papered on one (or two or four) wall provides all the pattern you’ll ever need.

Awe-inspiring bedrooms overall are easy to find in the internet era yet finding something tailored to your chain of thought remains difficult to find; we are all unique, it is known, it is natural to seek unique solutions. You can get a similar impact with a tapestry. Despite the amount of dark shades, the interior remains balanced, light on its feet. See more ideas about Navy blue bedrooms, Blue bedroom, Bedroom decor. Nothing looks unattainable or hard to find right? Remember what we were saying about not having navy blue walls? Third…”, How to get the Scandi look inside (and outside) your home, love this blue bedding with a pop of orange

It’s so inviting and has just enough red to pop without overwhelming the eye. 14.

Yes, it’s an extra step, but trust us – you’ll be glad you did it! You paint on a layer of primer first, then you do one or two coats of the navy blue.

Mandalas are soothing symbols that promote peace and are thought to ease the mind. Many people tend to shy away from dark, saturated colors when it comes to decor, but don’t miss out! Golden Retro Accents Defining a Bedroom, 18.

Insider information about the happenings at oomph!

The southwestern pattern adds a visual point of interest and a pop of color. "name": "Navy Blue Bedroom Ideas " In the image above, the bedroom is defined by the stark contrast between white and navy blue splendidly enhanced by light and a small pattern on the bed cover, despite the small interior, the high contrast unloads the dark navy color easily in a splendid ambiance.


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