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On the right toolbar, click the Modify Wall icon to begin customizing your wall. 0000212939 00000 n

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Plan Integral de Educación Digital COLECCIÓN DE APLICACIONES GRATUITAS PARA CONTEXTOS EDUCATIVOS EN TODO ESTÁS VOS Gerencia Operativa de Incorporación de Tecnologías (Intec) Creating a board on an android tablet 4. 0000012337 00000 n Click SIGN UP. Padlet Tutorial Step 3: Once you’ve created your account click CREATE NEW PADLET Step 2: Enter your email address and a password.

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0000009481 00000 n To create a wall from the home page, simply click on the "Build a wall" button. 0000087891 00000 n

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Sharing a wall is easy all you need is a link; there is no need to sign in. �6_\��2wN{S�eU�k�)�w�]���^.+�=/�q�����7�f��\�?��'h횼�v���4��m�m 0000212687 00000 n Comment faire ajouter un document par les élèves ?

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0000009145 00000 n padlet drive.

It is a simple tool and easy to use.

Padlet: A How-to Guide# # What is Padlet?# Padlet is a digital wall/interactive web page where users can post text, photos, images, documents, and add any link from the web.

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This afternoon at the ISTE 2016 conference I had a nice meeting with Melanie Broder from Padlet. <<68DE80CC0FB770428D53DA60FFE4F992>]/Prev 1175337>>

0000002212 00000 n 0000012201 00000 n STEP 2 | Creating a wall To get started, click Create new padlet. �m˼j)���I�X��$m�,���UU��-Tt��T�p���+��Z�����'�/���o�x]�E�5}���F�h�@�EtS���&/π�j����b5�~��e�ܦ��n��گf�m��� %%EOF ��g��_MuF

B,��0)!�il��C�$��5��e@�����%X��:�+0W0�a�ǐ�`�P~�����ac�&�g�E���;�x���ɖ!���A����=Ӿ0�bn��s���� ) ^Ɔ�O, �3'�D?`�cOff�l`9���h�0����%wC��F� ���y�j@�N`�p��X1*1i�v`= 1�kO5�T/ƥ�0:0,``6a\ʰ(�� p�=�Y�I��(���#w70�`]�x=)�0��� �(41S,[��G�@v6P�. Curso de formação “Autonomia e Flexibilidade Curricular” – Guião Padlet - Página 3 de 4 8. trailer %���������

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PADLET TUTORIAL How do I create a Wall? <>>>

(7n�ȆW8a�ᒐӀ�H-i�+������a�tJ�m�A�U��Q�k�3�6^�x��X44_{?g>ޣ?��#I�K�\�36ko�;_yK|�a-�'m�bKt?����W?m2챑���n� O�>O1M��L�p�SQ�d��H���L��3p"�@y��/�e��Ö>b�x�Nc��a?��B�=�.�1uPF��X �+n��w�3��S� ����X30.

2 0 obj Pour les productions orales, sur certains smartphones, on peut s'enregistrer directement en cliquant sur le mur.

0000079008 00000 n Padlet is an online virtual “bulletin” board, where students and teachers can collaborate, reflect, share links and pictures, in a secure location. endobj # Padlet is free and easy to use.#

Accessing padlet 2.

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TUTORIAL: HOW TO USE PADLET 1. – un document (pdf, odt, audio, vidéo, lien , etc.)

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OUR TOOL TUTORIAL HOW TO USE PADLET 2. 119 0 obj <> endobj <>

0000007869 00000 n 0000144386 00000 n 0000146086 00000 n more_vert. 0000005482 00000 n – directement par les élèves: ils font un double-clic sur le mur et peuvent télécharger leur document. 0000002438 00000 n 0000003316 00000 n 0000087097 00000 n Or if you are logged in and already on a wall, to build a new wall, simply open the sidebar and click ... Add a file (document, spreadsheet, pdf, etc.) The Best Ways to Use Padlet - Examples from Teachers.

Padlet allows users to create a hidden wall with a custom URL. 0000080367 00000 n 0000012131 00000 n

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Best Ways to Use Padlet. 0000212750 00000 n You can't miss it!

It is a virtual wall, where people can express and share their opinions, thoughts, ideas, photos and images.

Tutorial sull'uso di PADLET Con gli strumenti di "Padlet" è possibile impostare lo sfondo della bacheca, inserire un titolo, una descrizione, una miniatura, modificare la struttura; inoltre si può condividere il risultato ottenuto attraverso i social media più noti (facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, ecc.) stream

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s�yN �j�w][)����:�LYc��Z��V�v���!�G���{f0#��"����1j"�����������C�6�w���I ��֮����Y�Xt�X0� �5�������f����\����g��>���:���E�����t q��92"cϭ{��I�ґ�݋��]G�q$� ���`OI�;��Wv�r�6��W�y2&�Ɇ䕻;��'�ƹd���pgһ�� ���]^�cfj�z�*Ɛώb���$�I6&�Fd��7T�b8�{[P��Ւ���3�L#`{�Y�f���|xq{N���pUnd���f��T�)�։J�5Mn �L��Hw��l$��}>+�z3�s�!m��Y�dF�,���-w�ʵE���j�Xz�� Y�$f�F�r?8^��f Creating a board on an iPad 5.

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����t��}T��WY�����ۣ�\��JK,�ي�[X�˜�&�)�y�KĹ�y.�}CSB�"���hb7U#��R���/����(1��D���ֈT�� ��m��g��[��ڨ����"(�HƄ����&��s2��t;��$l$�9�� �g�ّp�M����*�|�,�kPT��#���m���m�������͢tm�������3m"��a|��y+�g�- ���*Gdl����|bo���Gg� !SrR6D�H��F�V�9\����vE"�!���eF�rF��k\�+$�'���2N�L��y��Ϣ��7O�S�PA�5���R�D�a������sY �S��r�$��@�iD���a�S�KՆS�b�pӡ2���hf��d���j��z��ͱ��+xs9:��h�j.Gg��m��`~��}f�Y%���}a7�4�CM�2n܊��}�!��!�N[�\nZ�eaQ�/Ƴ���^h�`䐛�+����x��p�Fʊ^ݧ����79�Dl7&��|�����{0Q�)S8� ��4[8�E�E����aB�]u���X-3N����Zh+�^��kIC�����3��ޢ��1S�u�ǃ%�8�Æ

r����ɥ�E���ݐ2Yz�;���AR�������v��}���jX����"n�/��s`~��}�w%uz016U�7�kv���U/��ȫf�}�־V���w-�X߫@��0ҧ�AyX������U���_H��V��ǫ�~Lz`�m��;c�p� Resources from teachers. 0000105040 00000 n Best Ways to Use Padlet.

1. x��ZYo�F~����K��ZsO.� E����IF��e��$�U���3KR�4Ad�;��|s�*��#y�������zE�\�%��M'a@��D�!5�H�52Drʤ$��tr�b:!�޿%�&���̧���F��o�F�oECAt�x2_O'eV)���dw�}����������ws2�g���?���ç�׿���/�ɻy�A�fPe�4mXp�!��-J"w�. ����p�3)���p��"��!�H�|sQ�!Q��r�W�;�) �h� x�\�r$7r}�����fxT�W��xm�a�wc�pX�@gHi�n�g����}ȓ@u׭%i7� ���L� �������F�������߹���}��c��~t[���o1n��uh�M�v[v���[�Wfo�ܷ׮ 3����}}}]��]�w��6�r_a���\ �������͛��27�� o Click on each of the tiles on the right side of the screen to customize your wall.


�B2�ؑt�}�V�Rn�����&1�����>u�1�V��G��/�UQ�G�CtuD��/����z�����BcӶ�%�{{w�ц�mr{F ��bp�����u`�@Eh����� ���8r=� ҅���'�uqP\�4ض� h�# �);��'ڨC��;�ӧ�ߘ 0000096052 00000 n Tutorial Padlet Aplicación online sencilla para crear tablones de anuncios o notas virtuales. Modificar o seu Padlet Só os autores de um mural Padlet podem modificá-lo: podem adicionar um título, uma descrição, personalizar a

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Creating a board on a desktop PC 3. 0000032535 00000 n


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