We became more like I.B.M. its longest-serving executive, will retire as the company's vice chairman.

After a while, the bosses began to chafe at this apparent perversion of the corporate world order. 's long before the White House called; he had a number of friends and academy classmates who were killed in Vietnam or trapped in the P.O.W. This multibillion-dollar corporation sprang from modest beginnings. According to one estimate, E.D.S. Characteristically, Perot's change in status was marked by a subtle alteration of his name. "Well, son, I'm going to assume you're telling the truth and we're going to honor our commitment," Perot recalls Palmer telling him. Although many of Perot's shipmates have confirmed his version of events, Perot nonetheless remains unusually defensive about the subject. “The new positions for Jeff and Paul recognize their significant contributions and enable them to focus their talents on discreet portions of the business.

Central to Johnson's agenda were Medicare and Medicaid. They had wives, children, mortgages, all the things that young people have. They offer real-world connections and opportunities through corporate internships and mentorships—opportunities that can change peoples life both personally and professionally.

A friend of Perot's, Joanne Roosevelt, who was the victim of a stabbing attack, says: "Ross was at the hospital the entire time. Just anybody you want to name. employees fabulously wealthy. E.D.S. He said on the ground it's different. Wrong.

ELECTRONIC DATA SYSTEMS Corp. (Plano, Texas) -- The technology-services provider said Paul Chiapparone, its longest-serving executive, will retire as the company's vice chairman. I knew I wanted Col. Simons, though I hadn't seen him in years. Ask me if I tried to get our government to do anything and I will defy you to name one person in a prominent position that we didn't make a personal appeal to. In Perot's version of events, George Bush had invited him in 1986 to undertake a study that would put to rest the P.O.W.-M.I.A.

When he looked out the window of his office in Dallas, he could see the more than 100 manicured acres of his corporate utopia.

Perot cut the grass to save on the rent, and Margot taught fourth grade at a private school. ("Hoot when my brain fills. .


And yet many speak of a darker side of his character, portraying a man who is at times thin-skinned, mean-spirited, conspiratorial and autocratic.

Lulu May Perot was a highly spiritual woman, a pillar of the Methodist church who made sure her children were in Sunday school every week. The disagreement coincided with an anti-corruption campaign the Shah began in an effort to mollify growing opposition. He started a new computer-services company, Perot Systems, which raided E.D.S.

Forget the imagery.

chairman, Les Alberthal, says of Perot and the other former E.D.S.

A television mini-series was rushed out based on the best-selling book. But most prominently on display is Ross Perot's Scout manual, the Handbook for Boys. This could mean a chance to save not only G.M., but the entire American auto industry. The course work, however, was geared toward engineering, which Perot was ill prepared for. No arm-twisting was involved. But that girl in Washington let the secret out. . This time Perot was going to speak about the economy. "They just wanted Ross to put the issue to bed," Tom Walter says. employees, most of whom had military experience, and placed them under the colonel's command. Now he tried to interest Washington in the plight of his two employees. . Even before the White House called, he was already involved with duPont, computerizing its back office. In his final year at Annapolis, a friend set him up on a blind date for the senior dance with a pretty blond sophomore who was studying sociology at nearby Goucher College. He would buy him off -- at a cost to G.M. meritocracy brought Tom Marquez, a Hispanic American, into the company as its first hire. It was adopted with only perfunctory debate. (In the event of a Perot Presidency, psychologists may be discussing "the replacement child syndrome," in which one child is created to replace the loss of another, and sometimes even awarded the same name. With Simons on board, Perot assembled a seven-man rescue squad, made up of E.D.S. "I think it's ostentatious," he once complained. In Meyerson, E.D.S. The boy in the calendar has no real sins to be forgiven.

Little attention has been paid to the Iranian grievances that led to the arrests, including complaints about EDS performance and charges of corruption linked to the computer company`s partnership with Abolfath Mahvi. It's unclear from that statement whose intelligence system was in control, Perot's or the United States Government's; but whoever the "we" are in this sentence, it certainly begs the question of what Perot's relationship was to the C.I.A. Even before he became famous for his rescue missions, Perot's friends and employees recognized this powerful urge in him. Sigourney, which was scheduled to go to Korea.

"G.M. computer.

Perot sat back in a furious funk. I asked him why in the world he would want to do that? The

The night before, he thought he'd almost drawn Perot into the race. "I don't know who's gay and who's not," he said. Shuman, whom Perot cites as a major influence in his life, was a Jewish immigrant from Lithuania, and he would often tell his boys how "in this wonderful nation an individual can still rise, can still progress.". But a few months later, Perot and his wife were in New Jersey, riding in the back of a limousine with Langone, on their way to sign the papers that would make E.D.S a public company.

A good salesman could make more money than his supervisors, and Perot was a very good salesman. They had gotten trapped.

Perot claims he never made the breathtaking offers he's now accused of welching on. These qualities must have appealed to Roger B. Smith, chairman of General Motors, who came calling with a buyout offer for E.D.S. did not actually have a computer of its own.

salesman and soon to become Perot's first employee, remembers the problem many clients faced: "Typically, we'd sell an account, they'd work like crazy to do their applications -- payroll, sales analysis, general ledger -- but then when the computer finally came in, they were always behind schedule. It was legally changed to Henry Ross, and he was called Ross, just like his father and the older brother he never knew. he'll protest, waving his hands as if he is swatting bees. The "H" signaled not only great wealth, but wealth of a distinctly Texas stamp, a la H. L. Hunt. "You had all those hyperventilating guys around Nixon, and they had a plan to get money every three days," Perot remembers.

playbook, as did many of Perot's first employees. They were all people who had had background in this kind of thing: officers in Special Forces . In some quarters of the press, he has been compared with Mussolini and Hitler, with the suggestion that his real vision of America owes less to Norman Rockwell than to George Lincoln Rockwell, the longtime leader of the American Nazi Party. My wife knows Ramsey's sister and I worried that he would recognize me. Trades were still being recorded by hand, and the market was so backed up that the exchange was closed every Wednesday to handle the paper work.


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