Pleiones are relatively greedy for manure during the growth period. The flowers are 3 to 4 inches across, about the size of cymbidium flowers. FS-1: The smaller bulbs will need to grow one more year before flowering. Alternatively, there are also species that have a longer cold dormant period, and these can sustain lower temperatures. SOIL: For successful pleione growth, ensure that you use a good quality potting soil with good drainage. When the plants have developed their roots, feed regularly with balanced soluble fertilizer and keep the soil moist but not wet. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for websites to earn referral/advertising fees by advertising and linking to Avoid watering completely in the winter. After flowering, the plant continues to develop its foliage and to mature its bulbs.

Pleiones are native to China, Nepal, Tibet, and Taiwan.

When the plants … In an article entitled: Growing Pleiones by Alan Hope from “Orchids in Victoria 2000”  he writes, “Picture a potful of lipstick pink flowers, each with a striking trumpet-shaped labellum enhanced by delicate frilly edges. Unlike regular orchids, pleione orchids have annual pseudobulbs, which means they only grow for one season and … These orchids are highly tolerant with regard to their substrate. amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "orchid supplies"; In order to prevent the substrate from drying too quickly during the growth period, you can cover it with a layer of wood foam. Pleione orchids are native to Nepal, China, Taiwan, and Tibet. We recommend, at least in those regions, to cultivate them in a “jardinière” in order to winter them away from strong frost. Once the flowers fade, a single leaf will emerge and usually last all summer long. For further information on Pleiones and other orchid varieties, see the Orchid Societies Council of Victoria (OSCOV) Website under the section Articles & Resources. P. formosana ‘White Beauty’ and ‘Clare’ have white flowers while P. formosana ‘Blush of Dawn’ and ‘Gladysdale’ are mauve.

Vendor Information – 2019 Spring Plant Sale. When the growth begins in the spring, water just enough to moisten the soil. The pleiones are offered as flowering size bulbs (FS) and younger bulbs (FS-1).

Zwischen den Wassergaben kann das Substrat antrocknen, sollte aber nie ganz austrocknen.Außerhalb der Wachstumsphase sollte nur Wasser gegeben werden, wenn die Bulben beginnen schrumpelig zu werden.Umtopfen: da die alten Bulben, bzw. Once the plant has established roots, fertilize using a balanced soluble fertilizer. All plants are sold out. They look almost exactly like crocus, so they are called Orchid Crocus, Himalayan Crocus, Glory of the East, Peacock Orchid and Windowsill Orchid. Pleione formosana has big (but not fragrant) flowers, petals and sepals are lavender and lips are white with yellow markings, this species is also of a Himalayan origin. During heat waves never water during the heat of the day. Anschliessend entfernt man kaputte und matschige Wurzeln.Die Wurzeln der Pleione sind im trockenen Zustand leicht brüchig, hier empfehle ich, diese vor dem Eintopfen für ca. The most commonly grown species is Pleione formosana (syn. ( Log Out /  Startseite » Pflege der Gattungen » Pleione Pflegetipps. 20 Minuten in lauwarmen Wasser einzuweichen, so werden sie geschmeidiger und biegsamer und können besser in den Topf gedreht werden, ohne die Wurzeln zu verletzen.Die Bulben sollten bis zu 2/3 in die Erde oder das Substrat eingetopft werden. When the leaves are developing, fertilise the plant with a horticultural manure of the NPK 15-15-15 variety. The Pleione Website: Menu: My website is an educational and, I hope, inspirational source of information about the orchid genus Pleione. Change ). They grow in moss on the ground or on trees and rocks. You can keep them in peat-based substrates or in mixtures of bark chippings, lava stone (vulca) and compost.


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