BOX 3529, PORTLAND, OREGON 97208 The Port of Portland is currently building an eligibility list for Police Officer through National Testing Network (NTN).

The figures also showed a total of 728 bureau employees - out of 1,272 - made more than $100,000. Police have identified the woman after she was taken to a hospital in Portland by officers and had her injuries evaluated.

The group included journalists, who were given the same treatment. 200, 823-4106, fax 823-2112 // Commander Art Nakamura 449 NE Emerson St., 97211 Includes: Air Support Unit, Crisis Negotiation Team, Explosive Disposal Unit, Special Emergency Reaction Team, Canine Unit; Narcotics and Organized Crime Unit, OPERATIONS BRANCH ASSISTANT CHIEF MIKE LEASURE, Administrative Assistant, 823-0027 // Dorothy Bourdon Executive Officer, 823-0518 // Lt. Brian Hughes. [14] In 1915, the "Metropolitan Police Force" changed its name to the Bureau of Police. C. T. Vivian came to the city to organize anti-Klan efforts, believing the possums represented a "Klan mentality" in the department and the ruling would lead to further attacks. Most notably, Oregon Revised Statutes 192.363 requires that in order to obtain identifying personnel numbers, the requestor must provide "the names of the individuals for whom personal information is sought.". In 2010, PPB shot and killed a Black man, Aaron Campbell, in what Jesse Jackson called an execution. The biggest escalation in the protests has occurred with the Trump Administration's deployment of federal officers from the Custom and Border Protection's (CBP) immediate-response force, the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC), wearing camouflage uniforms that resemble the U.S. Army's. "The Portland Police Bureau is asking for complete trust from the public, with no accountability," Kessler says. Craig Dobson; East Precinct, Bldg. Central Precinct, 119/1st Floor, 823-0097, fax 823-0096 //Cmdr. : One state trooper and a few local Brockton police officers suffered minor injuries. PPB's internal affairs department investigated him for three months and wouldn't share the outcome, but the officer is still employed by PPB.

(Nikolai Ursin), A Portland police officer wears a number taped over his name plate while patrolling protests along North Lombard Street.

Eight sergeants and two officers were among the top 10 highest overtime earners, according to a wage database obtained by The Oregonian. On the night of June 12, Brown says, Portland police fired flash-bang grenades directly at him and then beat him with batons.

Directory and Branch List. information about the Portland Police Bureau, to contact, suggest submissions, submit information, send email to:, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

Mark Kruger's discipline for Nazi soldier tribute", "Officer who shot, killed homicide suspect also shot Kendra James", "The Kendra James trial: Was justice served? Portland Police Bureau Records Division 1111 SW 2 nd Ave, Room 1126 Portland… Newsweek reached out to the DHS and the Portland Police Department for comment. Executive Assistant, 823-0008 // Diane Haman Adjutant Lt., 119/1526, 823-0010, fax 823-0342 // DEPUTY CHIEF, CHRIS DAVIS //Administrative Assistant, 823-0546//Kehau Searle. When Kruger's past was discovered during the 2003 lawsuits, Kruger removed the shrine. Those cases were divided among just six detectives. [15] Sybil Plumlee, also considered to be a pioneer in the field, served in the Women's Protective Division from 1947 to 1967. Kessler found that a circular argument: In order to get the officer's names, he first had to supply the officers' names. The PPB has also been the target of temporary restraining orders for violating constitutional rights and for attacking journalists.

After pressure from the Black United Front and protests, Ward and Galloway were fired, though no other officers were punished. 74, 823-0316, fax 823-2130 // Lt. Greg Stewart  14919 NE Airport Way, 97230, © Copyright 2020 City of Portland, Oregon, USA, Bureaus & Offices of the City of Portland, Translation, Interpretation and Accommodation. [69][70], In June 2017, a Patriot Prayer protest was held a week after the racist slayings in the 2017 Portland train attack. News reporter Nigel Jaquiss joined Willamette Week in 1998. However, the economic downturn caused by COVID-19 continues to makethis a very challenging time. "Given the gravity of the policy concerns presented here, we would welcome judicial or legislative review of the statutory framework that leads to our conclusion today.".

[72][73][74][75][76][77][78][79][80][81], After 2017-2018 confrontations between the alt-right and anti-fascists, Lieutenant Jeff Niiya's close conversations via text with Joey Gibson, head of Patriot Prayer, was published.

"If I'm going to get hit by the cops, I want to know who hit me," says Brown, who recalls officers wearing only handwritten numbers as ID. List of deadly force incidents in Oregon 2010-2019. That effort ended in a Kafkaesque tangle of circular logic. [20], Youth in the Albina neighborhood felt "watched all the time", calling the police "plantation overseers". Satisfactory police-citizen relations are not likely to be achieved as a reality in Portland in the absence of a fundamental change in the philosophy of the officials who formulate policy for the police bureau. [10], From 1851 to 1870 Portland was policed by a marshal, sometimes elected and sometimes appointed, who usually served a two-year term. During a Tuesday briefing, a Department of Homeland Security official said that 38 law enforcement officers in Portland, Oregon, were doxxed amid ongoing protests in the area. 100, 823-2103, fax 823-2220 // Captain Dave Abrahamson 7214 N Philadelphia St., 97203;  823-5090, Emergency Management, SERVICES BRANCH ASSISTANT CHIEF MIKE FROMEAdministrative  Assistant, 823-0546 // Kehau Searle, Fiscal Services, 119/1406, 823-0361, fax 823-0975 // Manager Ken LeeAlarm Information, 119/1414, 823-0031, fax 823-0507 // Karen ReichsteinCommunications / Facilities, 823-0340 //  Fleet, 823-4730 // Quartermaster, 119/1650, 823-0932, Personnel Division, 119/1542, 823-0333, fax 823-4797 // Captain Tony Passadore, Records Division, 119/1126, 823-0043, fax 823-0052 //   Jenn Hollandsworth Reed, Strategic Services Division, 119/1552, 823-0298, fax 823-0289 // Lauren Brown Includes: Statistical Support, fax 823-0954, Training Division; Bldg.

While denied by the officers, the episode was caught on a nearby security camera, showing him being repeatedly punched in the head and tazed four times in 30 seconds. Thomas O'Connor, a deputy, became the first Portland officer to die while on duty in a shooting on August 21, 1867. In 2000, a large protest occurred on May Day. Two officers, Richard Montee and Paul Wickersham, were fired by Mayor Bud Clark, but later reinstated. She said "I just blew up at [Falk]" and broke up the intelligence and vice divisions. "We want a system where people can tell the difference.". Instructions were communicated over a LRAD. Mark Kruger for erecting a shrine on Rocky Butte to five Nazi-era soldiers", "Community activists call for outside investigations after Portland city attorney stashes plaques memorializing Nazi soldiers", "Portland assistant police chief didn't violate policy in discipline case, but still acted 'contrary' to bureau wishes: investigation", "Portland Police Chief Mike Reese, high-ranking supervisors blasted by auditor for 'alarming lapses' in accountability", "Assistant Portland police chief under investigation will retire", "Director of Portland's office of equity says he was wrong to cut police Capt. The basic premise of the public records law, passed in 1973, is that any person has the right to inspect "any writing that contains information relating to the conduct of the public's business.". Alt-right demonstrators such as Todd Kelsay and Tusitala “Tiny” Toese assisted Department of Homeland Security officers detain and arrest counter-protesters. The rise has been attributed to mass protesting as well as a rise in shootings and a lack of officers. The bureau has approximately 900 full-time officers, 50 cadets, and 300 civilian positions. Mark Kruger brought 'discredit and disgrace' upon the city by erecting a memorial to Nazi soldiers", "Man beaten, shocked with Taser by Portland police awarded $562,000 by jury", "Portland police brutality lawsuit: Officers testify that man arrested for DUII was the aggressive one", "Man who sued Portland police for brutality wins $562K verdict from jury", "Portland police chief suspends Capt. [67], In 2014, just before a grand jury ruling on the death of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri]], at least three officers altered an image of their police badges to state "I AM DARREN WILSON".

Get to Know Your Police Officers – Portland, OR, “Get to Know your Police Officers, Portland Oregon”. Kessler says a recent incident illustrates how the public is harmed by that stance. B-4, 97210, Tactical Operations Division (TOD), Bldg. She Survived.

The DA's office gave Kessler the same answer as the city: Unless he provided officers' names, he could not obtain their personnel numbers—and thus their names. [citation needed] The district serves as the basic unit of territory within the bureau, and most are assigned between one and two patrol officers. Eight sergeants and two officers were among the top 10 highest overtime earners, according to a wage database obtained by, Protesters and police face off in Portland for 60th day, Post Comments

"Because it prevents accountability, anonymity makes it more likely that police will act violently.


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