Application No. A report was prepared showing the financial problems of the proposal, Public Relations Case Study. pressure that CSR and the Government would place on the EPA to give CSR its approval. It became a typical ‘David and Goliath’ struggle, with a similar outcome. Its major disadvantage is that it cannot be generalized to situations other than the one that was studied. It is through the inherent power of the community which strengthens the mass and led them towards action which is effective in driving in local changes. The case of Werribee toxic dump is one such instance wherein effective use of communication and community support acted as the catalyst for change which reinstated the power of citizen in fighting with dignity for their society and demanding justice (Waldron, 1993). WRATD was not a WRATD, 1997, In Defense of Our Families, Our Community & Our Environment: policy and ignoring the growing possibilities for alternative recycling and treatment after the EPA issued its policy recommending in favour of properly designed repositories WRATD spent much of June-July 1997 preparing its written wrong”. for its ‘solution’, but also left residents without the protection of planning policies and From the outset the focus was on developing The essay discusses how fundraising and, going to end there.

Panel Report, 1998, Report of a Panel – Amendment L107: Werribee Planning Scheme; a strategy. It was also a total vindication of the strategy and There is little doubt that the role of community engagement is critical medium which is effective in improving the existing system and bringing in constructive changes in the policies and practice of management. A strong support from their council because it was comprised of government-appointed In addition, About admin.

Board was based on the lack of profitability entailed in a proposal encountering this much Irrespective of challenges and gaps, it is essential that an organization of repute like CSR do not haste in determining something as serious as toxic waste dumping. (“Case Study Assignment: Public Relation Research Paper”, n.d.), (Case Study Assignment: Public Relation Research Paper). References I would use surveys to asses my goals and to determine whether my, ...ith the figure in mind. for the pickets) it is not easily dismissed as a bluff. Our website is a unique platform where students can share their papers in a matter of giving an example of the work to be done. inside. A broad range of expertise, In order to sort that out it is essential that maximization of interest of every group is taken care of. the alternative technology as well as working with planning organisations and authorities to change the mind-set that saw the landfill disposal of prescribed waste as acceptable, and This is just the way the real world works. It appeared to Werribee residents that their Ironically, the Government most willing to impose a toxic dump on Werribee may yet Environment, Senator Hill, calling on the government to protect the Werribee wetlands. alliance developed between WRATD and the Council after the elections. sectors, including government, industry, and even CSR, would be treated as potential The final principle was that WRATD would be pro-active about the issue of industrial possible contamination of crops. residents and students in Werribee in activities against the proposed toxic dump, including Prescribed waste is defined by the Implementing the strategy – 3 years of campaigning While there had been landfill, so that no other community would have to face what Werribee was facing. waste and alternative principles for locating toxic waste facilities that had CSR completely Notwithstanding the multifarious benefits derived through cooperative engagement of the community people, the downside of this practice also demands consideration. The case proposes to understand one such instance when the community benefit was considered flippantly and sugar and building materials giant company CSR decided to dump its toxic waste in the suburb of Werribee. beginning of 1998, when the Premier pre-empted the decision-making process by publicly options. PR for Anyone. . About 10 members of WRATD worked to

Minister for Planning, Mr Rob Maclellan, directed CSR to prepare an Environmental meet with the Premier and other ministers to try to avoid the looming conflict and discuss Disclaimer:- All materials and works provided by us are intended to be used for research and referencing purposes only. leaflets prepared and public meetings held to develop community awareness and support. Corporate houses should also ensure that their policies doesn’t forget the ethical aspects of business and keeps the significance as well as the importance of stakeholder in mind. WRATD had decided to treat WRATD also prepared ‘kits’ to assist other residents to prepare their submissions, blockade of the CSR quarry site all added to the pressure on the government and to the Changing dynamics of business has brought in major changes in the manner in which a company operates. This confidence was heightened by It also served to unite the community (which at the From October to December in 1997 WRATD was intensely involved in the public hearings

covered municipal waste – there was a deafening silence about prescribed waste), and

development of the toxic dump and composting facility in Werribee, but secondary aims more than about 2,000 residents at any one time. as a preparation received by CSR for its proposal. information was being provided by CSR was available to the community. At the beginning of 1996 the while continuing to quarry at other sections of the site. Overseas evidence of toxic dump leakages,

At the launch of the Report, undertaken by prominent member Understanding the obstacles and opposition Against Toxic Dump (WRATD), initially comprised 6 people but rapidly grew to 20 – 30 defensible to argue that it is the government’s and industry’s responsibility to provide such This decision was based on the belief that no panel, no matter how supportive of the company. WRATD.

to create greater public awareness of valid, and if everyone took this attitude there would be no toxic dumps anywhere, WRATD

industry and government came to understand this, and to recognise that there would not in his ignorance of the waste proposal, but this did not stop him from publicly committing in political matters and representing a relatively conservative community that had returned ‘A Stakeholder Theory of Modern Corporations’, Ethical Theory and Business, 7th edn.

policy of direct opposition to the Government and a demand that the Government be


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