Hence Pug mostly focuses on that, making is injectable with dynamic data. This is where dynamic data comes from. pug is a general purpose package and pug-cli are command line interface to compile pug code into HTML code from command line without writing any JavaScript code.

doctype html is a syntax which Pug compiles to and html, head and body are regular tags which compiled to , and . html.pug, text.pug, and subject.pug – you can use email.renderAll (this is the method that email.send uses). Let’s see how tags and text works.

But I am sure, it won’t be too hard to understand after reading comments.

You mostly won’t hardcode data in the Pug code. However, the template function will be re-compiled every time render is called, which might impact performance.

html template modern foundation scss pug email-sender zurb email-template zurb-foundation inky pug-templates foundation-emails edm Updated on Nov 4, 2017 Pug files ends with extension .pug and compiles to files with extension .html. But compilation is CPU and Memory intensive.

log ) . Pug also provide similar kind of feature to add code re-usability in your program. Hence as head and body tags are inside html tabbed block, they will be included in html tag, while head and body will be siblings. then ( console .

Pug has powerful features like conditions, loops, includes, mixins using which we can render HTML code based on user input or reference data. Note:- For run Pug file you have to install node js and pug Cli. Here, pug-cli can not help you.

Don’t worry, Pug fixes that by caching the template.

HTML code is mostly about tags, attributes and text. error ) ; Binding this dynamic data to HTML can be tricky using custom approach, but with Pug, it’s kind of no brainier.

But there are many things to explore in Pug.js, hence you should check out their official documentation on https://pugjs.org, https://pugjs.org/api/getting-started.html, Introducing MikroORM, TypeScript data-mapper ORM with Identity Map, How to Select All

Elements on a Page using JavaScript, A Simple Redux Tutorial: Starter and Complete Code Example, Take Your Create React App Debugging Workflow to the Next Level, The Top 6 JavaScript Features From ES2020. One of the most popular HTML template engine which directs compile and generates an HTML file. Trust me, this will save you lot of time. So far we have seen inline JavaScript code, but trust me, you will be hardy using it. If you are used to PHP, then you must know that we can include other PHP files into the code. catch ( console . When you will compile above code, it will look like. A mordern way to create beautiful, reusable HTML email templates using the Zurb Foundation framework with PUG syntax. Call that resultant function with your data, and voilà!, it will return a string of HTML rendered with your data. Here, I am using node.js to demonstrate few examples. // Compile template.pug, and render a set of data. Pug also support including code from other Pug and non Pug files. To make our login form responsive we used css3 media queries and also used CSS3 flexbox properties.

Hence I used pug src --pretty --out dist command. The powerful thing about Pug is inline JavaScript code.

Pug.js, as from its name is a JavaScript library. If you are wondering what if I need to use same piece of code over and over again, then don’t worry.

If you are familiar with SASS, then you must know about mixin. Hence, we can run it inside browser or on node.js. In these elements, we used font awesome icons in our social button and also used background RGB color to show the best user-interface.

Getting Started Installation ¶.

If you need to render all available template files for a given email template (e.g. The general rendering process of Pug is simple. But why not write HTML code in the first place? So let’s get started.

Pug is an HTML template engine that is built in Node.js with easy to write code. Take few moments to understand how it happened, because after this, everything is pretty simple. renderAll ( 'mars' , { name : 'Elon' } ) . We can make an email template using Pug with variables that can be changed based on user to …

One of the most popular HTML template engine which directs compile and generates an HTML file. Is it really wise to compile a template 1000 times per minute for 1000 email send requests of 1000 users? Hence, while running an application, for example, an email server, you want to get compiled email code with user data hard-coded when some event fires so that you could send that email to the user. An application of that would be Email Templates to send email customized to particular user. Mixin in Pug is wrapper or functional wrapper around a block of Pug code. Instead, your data can come from any source and can be dynamic in nature.


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