If you didn't do that then it's pointless for you to worry about 1 chest. well those extra mission that u get if u pre-order will become dlc after a while. Page Tools. Feather # 11. 50. 334. Next Feathers Florence - San Giovanni District Prev Treasures Venice . Treasure 1 map. Post Comment . Detailed description . thats the thing though, that one tomb just happens to be the only one you can't replay since its part of the storyline. Show Feathers. How do I solve puzzle glyph "The Fourth Day"? Treasure 4 map. it isn't a secondary mission. Feathers - Florence - San Marco | Feathers Assassin's Creed II Guide. Don't know if there is a second chest, but there normally is, and if you want to, you can replay only secondary missions in the dna menu, which includes all tombs, templair lairs, assassination contracts, etc. Feathers - Florence - Santa Maria Novella | Feathers Assassin's Creed II Guide. 212. The map will reveal a ton of treasures on your map. You can't get 100% unless you pre-ordered the game. Post Comment. Located on the next lift, this time it is located in a building on the border of the district. Feather #2. Treasure 3 photo. Treasure 5 map. How do I solve glyph puzzle "The Bunker"? Treasure 6 photo. . Top Contributors: Andreweisen, Gigaset, Vampire Horde + more. Detailed description. Last Edited: 17 Jun 2017 3:44 am. 0. In their hands, the wise lean on great force? Feather #1. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Show Statues. Treasure 6 map. 43. Detailed description. Home > Games > Assassins Creed II Florence 1478 Treasure Find an Art Merchant and buy the Santa Maria Novella treasure map. Treasure 2 photo. A collectible item map for the video game Assassins Creed 2 that details the locations of every item hidden in the game. 0. Treasure 4 photo. Treasure 7 … © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Treasure 5 photo. i jsut wanna noe if there is a second chest and where in the tomb. Lies above the local tailor. Treasure 3 map. Next Feathers Florence - San Marco Prev Feathers Florence - Santa Maria Novella. Feather # 20. Feather # 10. Next Feathers Monteriggioni / Villa Prev Feathers Florence - San Giovanni District. How do I solve the glyph puzzle on the side of the San Giocomo in Venice. Map. 0. It is located near the towers, in the large circular window. Assassin's Tombs Walkthroughs . VIIC_StrifeVII 10 years ago #1. hey, i heard there are 2 secret chests in each tomb but unfortunately i only heard after i finished santa maria novella and since it is part of the storyline i can't redo the mission. Achievement Hunter Maps | Assassins Creed 2 | Florence - Santa Maria Novella (West) Glyph #6; Glyph #4; Feather #22; Feather #23; Feather #4; Feather #21; Feather #20; Feather #5; Feather #19; Feather #18; Feather #17; Map Controls. Treasure 2 map. Assassin's Creed 2 Wiki Guide. It is on a small crane on top of the roof. Feathers - Florence - San Giovanni District | Feathers Assassin's Creed II Guide. Assassin's Creed II; santa maria novella tomb secret chests; User Info: VIIC_StrifeVII. Post Comment. 357. Treasure 1 photo. Map. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Feather # 19. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 72. To get there you need to climb on the building and jump down at the beam. I found the chest where the weight breaks open the ground and thats it. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Am I missing an eyebrow? It is located near the border with the another district over the water near the bridge. Map.


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