Public relations was forced to make rapid changes in order to keep up with the rest of the worlds advancements. Public relations is the attempt by information, persuasion and adjustment to engineer public support for an activity,... 3. The most effective way to connect with the audience is rich content. The figures fluctuate every year, but that does not take away the massive competitiveness of the film industry. We promise to keep your email address safe. Holding companies included Publicis Groupe (1926), WPP (1971) and Omnicom … You need a strategy, which generates interest around your film, and use the right medium for it and that’s what PR assists in. Full file at Large companies like Kodak and Ford created public relations departments. Along with the advertising and marketing campaigns handled by the films, Public Relations is slowly becoming a major part of the promotional activities in the film industry. They help create the anticipation and excitement which draws the audience to the nearest theatres. 1924 – Basil Clark, regarded as the first public relations professional in UK, established Editorial Services.

History of public relations 1. And even before the pre-production for the film starts, public relations strategies kick in to keep the audience’s interests alive. They understand how to take the elements of the film and make them newsworthy, or in today’s terms, trend-worthy. With the industry growing expeditiously, filmmakers should start realizing the influence of PR and bring out innovative public relations campaigns to garner larger profits. The more your film is talked about, the more interest it garners. Every year, close to 600 feature films is released in the US, with India leading the numbers by a massive 1200-odd feature films per year. Be better informed as a citizen, understanding how public relations and propaganda is used, Be a better marketer, with the lessons from history pertaining to PR under your utility belt. Public Relations help bring the spotlight to the films. ( Log Out /  The History of Public Relations, by CEO, Yan Huang, and former English professor, D. Hendrix, is the Internet's most comprehensive body of research covering the history of public relations. How Press Releases Help SEO - Proof Provided! While this may not be the most modern form of PR (and was certainly not called “public relations” at the time), it’s important to be able to relate what happened here to the basics of our job: using interpersonal communication, literature, public events and art to persuade other individuals to believe in our client’s services and/or programs. There are five factors that led to the next evolution of modern public relations in the post-war period. From holding a press conference to announce the new cast, releasing a teaser/trailer to organizing a photo-op, public relations involves the media to help create the buzz surrounding the film. Public relations is a nearly $9 billion industry with a mission to manage and build the reputations of companies and individuals. The filmmakers choose to release engaging content on the social media where the message travels quicker and to a larger audience.

Public Relations help bring the spotlight to the films. The film industry is one of the biggest players in the entertainment field. The importance of communication with the public and maintenance of positive public image was known as early as in the antiquity but the beginnings of modern PR are traditionally dated in the 18th century London.


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