They’re part of a beautiful and diverse family of herbaceous perennials that contains over 30,000 species, growing on almost every continent of the world. Wet the soil before you feed it. The following photos show two different plants with different colors with the pure red form being more typical of this type, at least in ones I’ve seen. Flowers with this rich a color are highly sought after and are very expensive. View our Compendium of American Orchids. Never spray the plant itself as it can encourage diseases. This is a genus of over 30 orchid species with dramatic, showy flower heads. My eagerness to buy the plant was muted the minute I saw the price tag – 30,000 yen or about $300 US at the time. The White Egret orchid is a rare terrestrial orchid species, found in grassy wetland areas throughout Asia and Russia. The name ebine literally means “shrimp root” since the close set pseudobulbs strung along a subterranean rhizome gave someone the impression of that crustacean. Continue reading “Endangered Calanthe orchids from the Izu Islands, C. izu-insularis and its hybrids”.

These “pods” contain all the plant needs to grow healthily, even in times of bad weather.

Its Japanese name is nioiebine, literally meaning “fragrant shrimp root” since the flowers give off an amazing floral scent that can be detected from a long distance away. The Orchidaceae family is a large one, containing over 800 genera and some 26 thousand diverse, wonderful species. Having said all that, variation in color and form can be quite different from plant to plant, possibly due to back crossing and also because of the variability of C. discolor. This species is found exclusively in the evergreen broad leaf forests of just three islands, all in the northern part of the Izu chain – Koozujima, Mikurajima, and Niijima. It grows in a wide range of habitats, ranging from dry slopes to moist woodlands. The thumbnail pictures will help you know which are interesting to you. Flowers are an artistic feature of Japanese landscaping.

The pollen attracts mates for the male bees in turn, ensuring fertilization. Unlike epiphyte orchids, which generally grow in trees, using their roots to anchor themselves, these are terrestrial orchids.

With ebine breeders making increasingly complex hybrids, well defined hybrid types have become more blurred – much like the situation with complex Paphiopedilum hybrids. Do this in springtime, when the bulbs are active and environmental conditions are just right. See more ideas about Orchids, Beautiful orchids, Types of orchids. Keep other varieties moist, and they’ll perform better. Here too is the closely related species, C. discolor, and the resulting hybrid between the two, C. Koozu. Here are 20 tropical types that make good houseplants. One of the best ways to achieve this is to fill a small tray with hydroponic pebbles and water, and place it near your plant. As with many orchids, Cycnoches grow from a pseudo bulb, (which to you and me is a pod-like storage organ), just underneath the leaves.

Actually spider orc…. You’ll be astounded at the number of quirky, wonderful species that are bound to make you smile and want to get growing! Check on the plant label for your orchid’s individual water and feed requirements. They generally fall into two categories: Epiphytic and Terrestrial. These now only exist in boglands and on high mountain slopes: areas considered unsuitable for alternative use within Japanese agriculture. The special forms are known as chouseiran (“long life orchid”) and number at least into the hundreds. Kanran – The winter flowering Cymbidium kanran (meaning “cold orchid”) is much larger than its relative C. goeringii, but offers its flowers at a time of year when most plants are dormant. Orchids are one of the largest of all plant groups, with unique flowers and growth habits. These unsuspecting males (and other passing insects) are drawn to this scent on the flower’s lower lip.

Then, fill a small, sterilized terracotta plant pot 1/3 full with a broken up and equal mix of 1 part Osmunda fiber, 1 part polypodium and 1 part spagnum moss. They all point more or less downward. There are specific orchid composts available that have an ideal draining structure. Some, like phalaenopsis orchids, are tropical beauties, while others, like cymbidium orchids, are native to cool mountainous regions. This allows you to find exactly the right spot for it before you commit to planting it in the ground. Currently they are listed as endangered status by the Japanese government, but in truth you’d be lucky indeed to see one growing in its native home anymore. A real beauty, this variety has strongly orange-scented flowers that resemble a monkey’s face. Any eager enthusiast can rise above the worry  Experience has long shown that even orchids from the most tropical regions of the globe can grow—and indeed thrive—in ordinary warm-house conditions. The orchid range is vast, and their growing requirements are diverse. One last tip: once you’ve found a good spot to home your orchid, try not to move it around too much. These arrive in summertime with each slim stalk holding up to eight tiny flower heads, each around 4 cm in width.

Having said that, when you see a good clone in full flower it takes your breath away.

The following shunran are some of the more lovely red, orange, and yellow ones I’ve seen. When it comes to watering, all orchids need more water throughout the active growing season and less in the dormant winter time. Choose your plant carefully: it’s better to buy a plant that’s several years old, as it’ll be stronger and will take less time to flower. [1][2] A[edit]

Types of Orchids In this section of the site, you will learn about the more common types of orchids, with orchid care instructions so you know how to grow them. Over time, this orchid’s shape has evolved to guarantee its pollination, which I think is genius.

This helps to promote strong growth and flowers. More than 25,000 sellers offering you a vibrant collection of fashion, collectibles, home decor, and more. Should your leaves become very light and bleached looking, your plant needs less sunlight. It is impossible to speculate the watering needs of the entire family as all orchid varieties have different needs. Thanks to its upright, graceful habit, classic elegance, and timeless beauty, the orchid family is still truly fit for a King. Most of those I will include under the category Orchid Plants. Shunran -The truly dwarf Cymbidium species, C. goeringii, is a native of Japan, Korea, and China, and exhibits a wide range of flower forms and colors. Another ingenious piece of nature for you!

Most orchids will require tropical temperatures, well away from any cold drafts. Today they have become a modest sized industry in Japan, Korea, and China, and growers around the world now enjoy them. They are know for their distinctive culture, dolphins, beaches, and volcanic activity, but there also exists an endemic orchid on three of the islands that is found nowhere else in the world, the fragrant Calanthe, C. izu-insularis. These are intricate and exotic winter flowering wonders, suitable for ornamental home growing. They bear separate male and female flowers, rather than the standard hermaphroditic forms. Perhaps the most famous of the cultivated Japanese orchids are fuukiran, but others exist as well, and enjoy broad popularity today. Monkey Face Orchid (Dracula Simia) - Google Search.

In the beginning, plants such as fuukiran and shunran were kept only by the most powerful and wealthy, however in last 50 years they have been grown by just about anyone up to the challenge. Each flower resembles a moth in flight, but in all honesty, I’ve never seen such a beautiful moth. Luckily, many chouseiran are more affordable than other Japanese orchids. It is a real mixed bag – peruse the photos to see this great variation. Calanthe Koozu, is obviously named after the island it was first found. Since the 1980s with the dawn of micro-propagation of terrestrial orchids, lab grown plants have come to rule the scene. You’ll see that this is another cunning trick to entice wasps and bees to its flower for pollination and reproduction. The same applies if the leaves turn a much darker green. “Elegant” would be the word that comes to mind for these, but not “showy”. Growing widely throughout the world, the orchid’s native habitats range from cool European woodlands to the tropical cloud forests of Ecuador and Peru. In many specimens the lip is white, but often has more yellow on its crest and sometimes purple as well. While a wide variety of native orchids are grown in Japan today, several groups have more influence and history than others.

The flower’s fragrance can be floral, or in some cases have a much more sweet component. The Cycnoches are a highly scented genus which can reproduce rapidly, developing a mature flowering plant within about 6 months. In the wild Cymbidium goeringii is most commonly seen as a green flowered plant with a white lip. Continue reading “Cymbidium goeringii special forms: red, orange, and yellow flowers”, “Endangered Calanthe orchids from the Izu Islands, C. izu-insularis and its hybrids”, “Cymbidium goeringii special forms: red, orange, and yellow flowers”, Endangered Calanthe orchids from the Izu Islands, C. izu-insularis and its hybrids, Cymbidium goeringii special forms: red, orange, and yellow flowers, Top Ten Invasive Ornamental Plants You Shouldn’t Have in Your Garden, The staghorn fern, Platycerium bifurcatum, a cold hardy subtropical fern, Cultivating Paphiopedilum armeniacum, the cold hardy Chinese yellow slipper orchid, Where to buy lady slipper orchids online – North American sources, Cymbidium goeringii, a cold hardy terrestrial orchid from east Asia.


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