– the estimation of the merchandise that is set by the shipper as the bearer's furthest reaches of risk. Most accessorials require an additional  payment that varies based on the service or carrier. In practical terms, this would mean that the seller is responsible for export haulage to the freight forwarder warehouse and customs clearing the cargo, and the importer is responsible for all costs after that point, including any origin charges.

A Tariff is a document setting forth applicable rules, rates and charges to move goods. – a shipment that was emptied at or lost to an inappropriate terminal and is then charged and sent to the right terminal for nothing.

There are two kinds of tractors: single axle and double axle.

A carrier who performs pickup or delivery in areas that YRC Freight does not serve. Katie has recently started writing for the Hub and specialises in corporate Learning and Development. Document signed at time of delivery notating if the freight is accepted in good condition. about Security 500 – 1st in Logistics Industry. Customer Service Representative (CSR) - An individual that works with customers to schedule pickups, deliveries, and freight tracking.

RFP, RFQ: Request for proposal, request for quotation. Foreign trade zone:Areas in which commodities can be manufactured, modified or stored under specific customs regulations and generally not subject to customs duties. This minimum level of coverage is not usually adequate for manufactured goods. Throughout you'll find helpful links to other blogs and Freight Papers, and you can. An air bill is basically a LTL cargo bill, however for an air bearer.

FTR: The Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) are a set of regulations placed on international trade in the U.S. An air bill is basically a LTL cargo bill, however for an air bearer. Claim (Freight) - A charge made against the freight carrier for shipments that are damaged or lost. Read more at our drop trailer blog. These trade terms are frequently used in domestic and international trade contracts. Commerce Country Chart: Part of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) which helps exporters determine if they need to apply for an export license in order to ship a particular product to a particular country. Bill-to party: The party paying for goods or services in a transaction. A business practice that goes against specific laws is termed a compliance violation. Detention - Fee assessed by a carrier when a truck is held up at delivery or pickup longer than the time allotted for the service. YRC Freight – The Original LTL Carrier Since 1924, YRC Freight Rules & Conditions (Tariff 100).

– used to confirm client data with respect to credit value. Cash on delivery (COD): The sale of goods in which payment is made upon delivery rather than in advance. This terminal may have its own city operation.

Tail: Backside of a container or trailer. FAK: Abbreviation for “freight all kinds.” Typically refers to a full container loaded with mixed cargo. Point of Origin – the postal district of the shipper's area. YRC Freight is honored to be selected as one of the 2018 “Top 50 Companies for Women... YRC Freight has again been named as a Top 100 Trucker by Inbound Logistics magazine. Prepaid Terms – imply that the shipper or a Third Party is liable for the cargo charges.

Charges made for performing services beyond normal pickup and delivery, such as inside delivery or storage charges. Place of delivery: Location where cargo leaves the custody of a carrier. Single axle tractors are normally utilized for pickup and delivery while double axle tractors are ordinarily utilized for line hauls. Learn More », COVID-19 – A suspension of all guarantee service failure reimbursements has been issued effective 3/25/2020 Learn More », YRC Worldwide COVID-19 Update: Safety-First Service Plan Learn More ». Example: Freight destined for Texas from several New England states will be consolidated at our Stroudsurgh, Pa., breakbulk terminal for forwarding to Texas.


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